1. This product fits seamlessly into my life. I love the THC, but I'm not a fan of staying faded all day. This unit lets me control my intake, I don't need bulky lighters or expensive electronic nails. I don't need to develop a ritual just to smoke. It lets me see what's being used up (an issue with the loader style pens I think) and in general is the perfect tool for the job for me, at home or at work, or on the go. I've owned the YoCan Dive ($70 in shop), the Aries 8 ($45), and now this, and not only does this seem to combine all the features I loved between the other two, it does it for even cheaper. I'm just shocked, it never works like that in my adult life lol, the better product is never cheaper, especially in electronics.

    I'm only a week into it right now so there hasn't been enough time for long term use, but seriously, I adore this product. My one and only feedback: Whoever handles your digital marketing should make it come up in google searches when people search for "electronic nectar collector" as that's the only term I know products like these as. I say that because when I was looking for something to replace my lost Aries 8, I never saw this product in the search results or any of the top SEO ranked review articles. I was sure there had to be something else out there though, because the short-comings in the Aries and the YoCan seemed like they could happen to everyone and often if traveled with. Lo and fucking behold the item that met all the criteria AND more (inhale sensor, no more frying coils in the pocket, holy shit!) turned out to be way cheaper, sold directly from the manufacturer, and looks fucking slick on top of it all. Seriously, 10/10 product, would recommend to everyone that'll hear me out on it. Kudos to you guys at Boundless. You've got a happy customer right here.

  2. Where can i get one fo those mats you were using to place the product on. What's the mat called? The website does not have it listed in your store for the company.

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