1. Unbelievable that people are trying to stop bullying with bullying. Have you ever said something wrong in the heat of emotion or in a weakened moment? Here’s something to think about: Maturity is when you have the power to destroy someone who did wrong but you just breathe, walk away and don’t follow in those footsteps.

  2. Wow! No one took Karmen’s job. Obviously Karmen sucked at her job and that is why she no longer works there. You are a big bully and what a nasty woman. And to continue to slam people from the new manager to the board members. Do you really think people are going to follow you, nope. I don’t think so. I hope you lose everything that you’ve ever worked for because you don’t deserve it you’re nothing but a big

  3. Renita time to pack up & move. You just made a huge, huge mistake. There are so many people mad @ you, (rightfully so) that you have lost them as clients & I don’t feel bad for you. Ugh you frustrate me🤢

  4. This woman is really really sick in the head. I think people are finally seeing through her and not giving her any more $$$. She has made a lot of $$$ off the community and what a shame that this is how they repay them. She also hate speeches trans people and people with children with disabilities.

  5. This is the first time I have seen this much of the video and it's ridiculous the rest of it is just as shameful as her comments about this new manager. Talking about other peoples character, her son saying how can these people be happy in their soul, condemning someone for not wearing make up and being natural -check YOURSELF Renita. What about YOUR character? YOUR soul? Yeah, people dont like being called out or the truth, is that why you're off social media??? Because you're being truthfully called out?

  6. That woman is so rude! Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if she was the person who made a nasty review on my workplace regarding my weight and saying that I’m bad for the image of the company. It’s a shame her kids have to grow up with a hateful parent like that.

  7. "and the gal that took the position… let me draw in so you can see her!" (points camera at door, zooms in) Renita, you are just a bully! You already referred to her as "obese" 3 or 4 times, you seem so hellbent on trying to embarrass her! How old are we!? Are we 12? Lady… GROW UP!! and perhaps consider taking some anger management classes while you're at it! Renita Brannan – you disgust me!

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