Pax 3 vs ZEUS Arc Vaporizer Comparison Review

Pax 3 vs ZEUS Arc Vaporizer Comparison Review

TVape shows you the Pax 3 vs ZEUS Arc comparison and reviews which vaporizer will take home the featherweight title. If you wanna pick up the ZEUS Arc: …


  1. I always enjoy your videos ! You are very thorough ! I think that the PAX wins on looks of very vaporizer I’ve seen but I’m glad that I didn’t choose it for my first vaporizer ! I chose the Davinci Miqro and I’m very happy that I did. My next vape is going to be the Davinci IQ or maybe just a second Miqro! I chose the Miqro because I love the size, I’m use to external batteries from my e-liquid vapes and the cobalt blue is gorgeous ! If I get a second Miqro I’ll get the Explorer set with the accessories !

  2. Your videos are aweosme. You've convinced me to order the Arc GT today. I would love some more detail or demonstration on the concentrate features.

  3. I tried my friends PAX2 and PAX3 and I absolutely hated the flavor that came from it, it tasted burned within 2 hits, not to mention PAX2 was super hot on the lips, PAX3 was better, but still I dislike the design very much and feels weird to suck on. I hope the ZEUS ARC isn't like that.

  4. How about the arc vs the ghost mv1?? I prefer conduction myself, convection experience was ruined by a Life Saber that did nothing but dry my throat and mouth out. Even conduction is where it's at but the MV1 seems like it wouldn't have that problem and I love that you can clean the entire oven so easily.

  5. How about a zeus arc vs mighty comparison? I really like the size and portability of the arc but is it as good or close enough to the mighty in extraction and those good vapes everyone is talking about when it comes to the mighty?
    Also, how good would microdosing be with the zeus arc?

  6. How in the hell is the pax the apple of vapes. When you just named everything wrong with it. Unless your saying it's like a iphone but the vape version. Then I agree they bothe suck major ass.

  7. Dude you are hella funny. The end segment wrap up around 7 min had me cracking up about you asking people to comment even if its negative. Thank for the review homie

  8. Wow great in-depth analysis and review! I found this incredibly informative as a prospective buyer of my first vaping product. You just gained a new sub. Hopefully I can find a tutorial video on your channel for the Zeus Arc GT. ☺️

  9. This is awesome! Thank you for doing this review. I have a PAX3 & absolutely love it, but I've been romanticising with the Zeus ever since it came out… this comparison helped me with my decision 🙂

  10. Damn I ordered the PAX 3 the other day and I wish I had done a little more research on the zeus arc! Looks dope as hell but ah well, hopefully the pax gets the job done for me and maybe ill get a better zeus model in a few years. Great vid!

  11. I mainly went for the pax for the warranty and i believe the company will stay open long enough for it to actually be usable. But im going with the hydrology 9 for main use

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