MARIJUANA – The Weed of Sorcery; The Devil's Lettuce – 18 JUNE 2019

MARIJUANA - The Weed of Sorcery; The Devil's Lettuce - 18 JUNE 2019

18 JUNE 2019 MARIJUANA -- The Weed of Sorcery, The Devil’s Lettuce: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Please everyone: REPENT FOR YOUR SINS. [ Luke 13:3 ] …


  1. Thank you for the time you invested in the production of this video. It was structured well covering many verses. Your video has made me a better informed Christian. God bless you.

  2. I agree about smoking dope. But why wouldent God make plants for pain.. When he knows people get sick or injured. I am parttime at my job because of health problems. Horrible pain so bad I must take norcos. so am I gonna go to hell?

  3. Yep 👍 I smoked it for 35 years, & all the time I was smoking I knew it was killing me? But I couldn’t stop?
    All the excuses I used to continue!
    It helps me get to sleep?
    It makes me feel good?
    It goes good with tea & coffee?
    It goes good with alcohol?
    Feels nice with video games?
    Feels good at a party?
    Feels good after food?
    Feels good watching a film?
    Feels good listening to music?
    Can make money from it?
    ALL OF THIS WAS A LIE FROM THE DEVIL & MY SINFUL DESIRES OF MY FLESH 👅 (& leads people to example other drugs)
    “5 years ago I called out to Jesus Christ to help me & he answered,
    & delivered me & set me free from smoking addiction & other stuff!
    Hallelujah thank you Jesus 🙏🏽❤️
    Ps I learned by reading the Bible & praying to Jesus, that any addiction is from a demon, & you need Jesus power to set you free.

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