How Coronavirus Broke America | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

How Coronavirus Broke America | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. has experienced large shortages ranging from masks and ventilators to basic food items. Hasan examines …


  1. I mean let's not forget Trump has the ultimate businessman mind, so that's all he cares about and good at protecting the big guys. We knew that though.

  2. I have been complaining about the expensive food we have in Norway for years produced by an inefficient agricultural sectors with lots of small units. These days I am like "Wow I am so glad nobody listened to my complaints over the years!" We are actually managing exceptionally well with out food production and delivery because it was built upon the idea of small units and self sufficiency. That made it expensive as hell. But it has also kept the food very safe, healthy and it appears quite robust in crisis.

    I think this crisis really needs to make us question and analyze exactly how an economy should function and what the goal actually is. If you put capitalism in the drivers seat the whole time what you end up with is an economy that only really thinks about what the profits will be 3 months ahead. Planned economics may not be efficient, but it has the advantage that with it you can take a long term view. I think what one needs is a hybrid economy, where less essential stuff is made by good old capitalism while things which are more crucial to society to a larger degree is made through a system more similar to planned economics. At least parts of it.

  3. wow you are getting news about situation in usa but india is getting worse and they are censoring the condition of hospitals beds , no precautions and labors walking thousand kms .india become 2nd largest in ppe maker. well usa should also be attamanirbhar 😂😂

  4. Don't trust this guy obviously he uses propaganda to push his Soapbox opinions.. Definitely blocking this channel and reporting wish not to be oppressed and subjugated by hate speech

  5. Literally trump decided in January to stop travel to and from china, including shipment yet democrats got angry and said “he was taking it too seriously” and now we wanna blame it all on him? This doesnt make sense.

  6. I think you're reading way too much into this to be honest … I think it's extremely likely that Trump simply was worried he wasn't gonna be able to get burgers anymore. And that's about the extent of his rationale in this decision.

  7. This just in: The leaders of the Pilgrim's Pride and Claxton Poultry companies were indicted on Wednesday for a years-long plot to rig bids and elevate costs.

  8. A Comedian Tells you Every shitty thing that Big Corporate News Medias don´t want you to know that the policymakers try to hide in the view of money-making rather than the actual problems, That should tell you everything about the system of corporate medias

  9. 1:06 How did Trump mess up, exactly? If you think Trump messed up, what about Italy, Spain, France, the UK? What about literally every other first world country that got heavily infected? You say Trump should "implemented social distancing" earlier. How exactly do you "implement" social distancing? America went on lockdown at the exact same time as neighboring countries, and shut down the world's largest economy at the exact right time….. when the virus was actually in America. It's pretty dumb to suggest shutting down the whole country, if the virus wasn't even significantly spreading at the time. Trump didn't do anything that was out of the ordinary. America's response was perfectly consistent with everyone else at the time. Personally, I've been against this lockdown the entire time, so I actually think Trump did too much in response to this virus. Sweden was right the whole time.

  10. It's ironic how a comedian is the one dropping solid facts during this crucial period,whether it's about coronavirus or blm
    Kudos to Hasan, and of course,patriot act's amazing team
    also..a huge thank you to all the healthcare workers and essential services workers for being out there for everyone

  11. let me tell you why this happened… because you don't produce any of it…you import everything from india/china… you want proof? china is largest and india is second largest producer of PPE kits… WAKE UP AMERICA

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