1. Uncle Jim…I will run from their products…bought 10 pounds, paid for 10 pounds and shipping and I receive 5.76 Lbs…the box said that the weight was 8 pounds…and when i tried to make tea with it it was a total rip off…just tinted the water…and I used the usual amount … I though that the Uncle's worm castings were a good thing to buy but I was wrong. needle to say I am not buying again and I do not recommend their products…My opinion, My experience, my bad…learned the hard way…

  2. "'I Got Worms.'"
    -I beg your pardon?
    "That's what we're gonna call it. 'I Got Worms.' We're going to specialize in selling worm farms, you know, like ant farms."

  3. I bought one of these ~2 months ago. Certainly better than totes. I keep mine very full and on the wet side, outside so it is very heavy. I made sure it was level. It still started leaning within few weeks of getting it and had to reinforce it. It doesn’t seem as breathable as I need it to be. I live in Texas and “rinse” my bin with cool water daily in the summer to keep it cooler and discourage fire ants. I had to cut a 2 square foot hole out of the top of the bin and stitch in 1/4 inch hardware cloth and storm door screening for ventilation. I drilled ~50 tiny holes in the sides to let air in. I put in a 3 ft piece of 1/2 inch tubing with small holes drilled in it and placed it vertically in the middle of the bin with the open end sticking out of the bottom drawstring to let the leachate out. I have been vermicomposting for 4-5 years and have used many things for bins. Totes don’t work well IMO. Insulted styrofoam like planters and elevated self watering planters work well IMO except they are a pain to harvest. I don’t find that worms “move up” (worms like melon juice that goes to the bottom of the bin too!) and seperating the worms from the castings is a royal pain. The Urban Worm bin will be worth it if I can easily harvest out of the bottom. I won’t know until this fall. John Koehler interviewed a guy in the Bahamas, I think it was who has an Urban Worm Bin and a Hungry Bin and liked the Hungry Bin much, much better. I got the Urban worm bin because I thought it would be more breathable since it was cloth, but it is more like canvas. So my opinion is this bin probably works best inside, the frame is lacking, it is fair priced.

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    00:00 Intro what’s the video about?
    00:52 Kevin explains the continuous flow worm system
    2:19 How are the castings harvested?
    3:36 A look inside the worm bag
    4:50 Kevin’s thoughts on the bag
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