1. Funny thing. This may be the issue that eventually dooms conservative politicians in our state. 100,000 people die every year from pharmaceutical drugs in this country, from overdose or adverse effects and yet we don't hear a peep out of these hypocrites because of lobbying and political donations. Your not fooling anybody. The world will be a better place as soon as these baby boomers are in the grave.

  2. I’m gonna use marijuana to kill myself….
    30 minutes later where did I put the chips.
    Oh yeah I forgot you can’t die off of marijuana lmao dumb white politician need to hit the J before they speak upon something they’re not educated on

  3. These states are extorting money from citizens through fines. Texas busts around 120,000 first offenders every year. Through fines and red tape they collect close to $2000 from each victim. Bust pot heads makes them money, but bust hard drug users risks officers lives and most often cost Texas more money than they get. It's a cash cow these crooked politicians don't want to part with.

  4. I swear Tx government is retarded smdh they gunna smoke it anyway why not tax it and make sure people know where there medicine is coming from. It’s common fuccin sense, it should already be 50 state legal.

  5. Over – dose, I don't think so, talk about behind time's, boose and Meth, cocaine, come on Abbott, good luck growing in Texas unless there's a big change, 500 grand for a CBD license, y'all have lost it

  6. The most corrupt people of Texas are in the justice system. I live by the prison, and go to the main Criminal Justice college of Texas near by. They make too much money arresting us. Anyone who has a bad reaction to pot had something laced.

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