1. Look up Cannabis Oil Protocol in practice l Cannafest 2015 there are many testamonies as a cure for Cancers CBD Helps a lot but the true cure is High THC Grow your own look up Rick Simpson Oil on how to produce your own medicine it is life changing Lots of evidence and medical testamonies please look it up you will not be disappointed

  2. People do not understand the power of medical marijuana and if they say that it has no value medically they don't know what they're saying. There is proof that is marijuana is medically viable for parkinson's disease OK the discunesa alright that is in medical marijuana patients OK it takes care of the disconnection portion of the disease and medically proven and these peop they're saying that it's not medically proven so they have no idea what they're talking about you can skip this whole video because it's it's misleading other people to wrong information

  3. These researchers are going at it wrong. There are millions of people that have smoked Marijuana for 50 to sixties years. How many of them have Parkinson's? How many have gone blind. How many that haven't used tobacco have contracted Lung Cancer. How many have never had severe depression? How many like me forget to but a question mark at the end of a question? Ha ha. But seriously these folks are supposed to be the smart ones. I have smoked Marijuana for 45 years. I raised three kids as a single dad without a penny from the Goverment. I did great in a College Prep School. Graduate with 3.79 and got my Associate of Business Science. I drove a Big Truck almost 2,000,000 accident free miles. I haven't had a chargeable accident in a car since 19. Everyone in my family had classes. My eye sight is excellent at age 57. I have also been a tobacco user and I believe marijuana as kept me from getting lung cancer. It's been proven to shrink tumors and kills malignant cancer cells. Its a miracle plant and People that believe in God's creation attack the plant. It's like saying God made a mistake. It's a gift from God to help in His Children's pain and suffering and our jails are full of nonviolent pot smokers. That's a crime. When are we going to have politicians legalize this plant. Sugar is worse for you than pot is and it's in everything.

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