1. I get the point that being a lawyer means providing the best defense for your client but I'd be happier if both sides were trying to get to the truth not win the case. Why should anyone get away with murder (or whatever) because they hired a good attorney? Tony Baretta's intro said it best. "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time. Don't do it."

  2. FX has a great show Mr Inbetween. In one episode the cops are knocking at his front door. When he opens the door the cops start with the questions. We're looking for Mr ????? His response, "I DON'T ANSWER QUESTIONS". Cops ask why, "I DON'T ANSWER QUESTIONS" every time the cops ask a question it's the same response, "I DON'T ANSWER QUESTIONS" then he says "SEE YA!" and closes the door in there face! EPIC, if only everyone would do the same thing it would make the lawyers job so much easier! Don't talk to the police let your lawyer talk to the police! Shut The Hell Up!

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