1. I wish that people could present fact based recommendations with no agenda. How can a doctor say vaping is as bad as tobacco when it kills a fraction of the people… it's been mainstream for 10 years so at this point the deaths would start piling up of this was as or more harmful… let's just say, hey it's not as healthy as breathing clean air and not having an addiction.

  2. Vaping is bad for you. Don't vape

    Fast food is bad. Don't eat fast food

    Smoking causes cancer. Don't smoke

    Drinking is bad for the brain. Don't drink

    the world now is judging by what you do. What you eat. How you live. They will never stop criticizing.

    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"

  3. About that x-ray shot of the patient, what was he vaping ? that's a key factor that people fail to mention…Many things can be vaped so when you use the verb"vaping" it's important to understand what happened in these cases.
    Black Market THC products contain vitamin e acetate which is an OIL that your lungs can not absord. Flavored E-liquids dissolve in water, THC products containing vitamin e acetate are the exact opposite cause your lungs can't absorb OIL.
    P.S: I'm not saying you should vape specially if you're under 18, but it's important to spread awareness.

  4. The people who are having issues with vaping or taking giant inhales of God knows what mixture. The fact that there have only been “450” Issues means that getting sick from that is less likely than getting struck by lightning. Surely that can’t be correct but that is what they are saying.

  5. This is complete and utter nonsense. Don't take my word for it, watch real doctors and scientists talk about this very simple concept. This media craze came about due to black market THC cartridges, NOT regular vape E-juice. It was the same shit with the early exploding mods, where one batch legit had issues, but most of the time it was morons running around with batteries in their pockets. Stop spreading lies.

  6. What they are forgetting to put in theses videos most people who have problems from vaping is because there putting juice in side there vape that wasn’t made right the black market vape juice not made to use in a vape!!!! Most of the people who have died from vaping is because they was vaping A juice they got off the street that was made by somebody or they’re smoking THC that was not made to be smoked out of a Vape! This makes me so mad for people who wanna talk about oh vaping is so bad for u blah blah blah no some people are dumb and try to smoke shit that wasn’t made properly!!!!!

  7. If those teens weren't vaping, they would be smoking cigarettes. So this argument remains invalid. It's not about vaping, it's about the fact that teens are doing things they should not be doing.

  8. Oh wow… weir how these reports of injury and death use the word "ecig" nd reading through comments shows me the public is still misinformed, lets sum this up. The chemical causing these issues was vitamin e, which is NOT in a legal ecig. These chemicals are in bootleg THC pods / carts. Which is, guess what guys…. illegal. But you only find this info like towards the end of the articles.

  9. 4:34 "In my opinion vaping is worse, because we are scared, we don't know what to do" LOOOOL! 🤣🤣🤣 What a Douchebag! Because Vitamin E Acetate uncommonly found in quality e liquids is scarier than 6000+ chemicals in tobacco cigarettes which cause lung cancer and slow painful death. Wow! Mis-information and corruption at its finest.

  10. Black market thc products are killing people,not true vape products. Reporting like this is what is driving hysteria. Change the title of your video its deception, there is also no good science on vaping anyplace. By the way, when do we get the videos on flavored alcohol or alcohol in general for teen use?? Almost 5000 underage drinkers die every year in alcohol related deaths.where is the big uproar over that?

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