1. The moment you legalise an activity you gain the control over it… take alcohol for a prime example… It is fatal in excessive volumes, damaging or fatal with long term use… but it has been applied to a social structure and strategy that forces criminal producers out because it’s cheaper, safer, easier and less complicated to just walk into a pub than it is to meet some guy in an ally just to buy a can of beer 🍻

    The same principle applies to anything with an addiction based value.

  2. Personally, I wish there were a way to absolutely purge drugs out of existence altogether. The only answer I have is nukes…lots of nukes. Even then, it's questionable if that would be enough. Specifically, where exactly do we bomb with nukes? And how many square miles will need to be reduced to glass to make drug resources totally, 100% extinct? Would that have other, unintended environmental consequences such as global nuclear winter? Or could it be the key to stopping global warming?

  3. 4:33 that can be explained easily without bringing in racism. The same study showed that:
    – black kids were more likely to buy drugs from a stranger
    – black kids transported larger quantities of drugs than white kids
    – black kids were more likely to have comitted multiple offenses
    These factors explain the difference in numbers, not racism.

  4. Is your solution just to supply people with drugs, out to gradually get them off of drugs. You talked about a reduction in the effects of drug business in Switzerland, but didn't mention a decrease in actual drug use.

  5. I hate video like this. Why the war on drug was a huge failure. It was a failure becus it was for a problem that didn’t exist. It was to criminalize color people mainly the Mexican and black groups.

  6. I cant imagine this scenario here in Brazil, public health wont be able to afford the expensive treatment for an increasing extensive number of drugs users. Most of the users will be left to its on luck, while the selling spots will increase everywhere, creating more and more addictives. People need strong education before a liberating measure like that goes on, so this cant go on in the present situation here. My opinion is that people dont need drugs to stabilize, they need a good and prosperous life, so they may not need to visit “Narnia” frequently to archive that!

  7. It's very confusing. In this video they show glimpse of how regulating drugs instead of a blanket ban can have positive effect but in another video they criticized legalization of marijuana.

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