1. It doesnt do anything its literally just vegetable oil…. people are making a killing off this bullshit that literally doesn't do anything. I wish i was smart enough to come up with this genius scam it’s only vegetable oil and you can make a killing selling this garbage and everyone wants to believe they are eating magical lollipops.

  2. Thanks so much for this video. I have been in unbearable pain for the last 2 years and couldn't understand why CBD oil did nothing for me other than decrease my bank account and did not like the high experienced using products 'high' in THC, which also did nothing for my pain. Lately I began suspecting this was a modern day 'tulip' scam …

  3. Mike, I'm so glad you did a podcast on CBD.

    I KNEW there was too much aggressive overhype of this product. Thanks to you I know now many "CBD" products contain ZERO if not a TINY amount of the active ingredient, canniboid. Also, there is a certain dosage one needs to take to lower anxiety. That dosage makes CBD prohibitively expensive. There is also very little to NO quality control of this product. What am absolute scam!

    The last thing this country needs is another unregulated drug. It sounds like CBD is the new Neurontin. That was a drug that a pharmaceutical company used to push as effective for seizures, pain, you name it. At least, that drug was made in a drug. CBD has no quality controls.

  4. Well Mr Scientist, it helped me quit smoking tobacco in less than two weeks. The use of CBD, helped me to overcome my cervical, my sleeping problems, and my anxiety. You are the scam.

  5. The dosage is the problem, you couldn't take a pill of ground up broccoli and expect to get all the health benefits and vitamins broccoli has to offer the same can be said for cbd oil.

  6. I haven't listened to the entire thing yet, but I think the placebo aspect may play a big role into the effects of CBD oil. It's very influential and unique, in it's own right.

    If everyone swears to you that cbd oil helps you relax, build muscle, feel less stressed, raise your metabolism, cures cancer, answers the meaning of life, knows where god is, then your body will react accordingly to your beliefs.

    I'm still doing research for my own decision, and it's great to find a voice on the other side of the aisle that isn't raving about how it cured their grandmother's 300 health concerns.

  7. True there's some b.s products out there however the real products are very effective and work wonders. My brother in law has epilepsy and experiences seizures 4-8 times a week every since he's been on CBd (oils/edibles) for a year he's dramatically reduced his seizures to once (if that) every other week.

    Its helped with his anxiety and his quality of life has improved over the last year. So with this video I'm totally not sure on how it doesn't have medical benefits like you claim.

  8. I have yet to finish this video, but the title totally turned me off, though it did catch my interest which is your goal. There are definitely some CBD scams out there, but there are also several high-quality products which are truly worth their value. I know because I have reaped the benefits. I gain nothing by telling people this, either. For those who believe it to be a placebo effect, I can understand why you would think that, but seeing as I have tried prescription medications as well as several natural remedies for my depression with little to no success, I would think that placebo effect would have kicked in a long time ago. When you've gone through years of severe depression and nothing has helped, you start to believe that nothing is going to work and you go into anything with little to no expectation of success. Fortunately, this is the one thing that has worked best for me. It has not, on the other hand, yet helped my physical pain or anxiety. I mean, if I'm going to let the placebo effect take over, you'd think it would be all-inclusive, ESPECIALLY when the reason my doctor suggested this in the first place was NOT for depression but to alleviate pain from my endometriosis. Go figure. Anyway, I have not suffered any ill-effects and am actually far safer by taking CBD consistently. Think what you will.

  9. My buddy gave me CBD oil to ease my nerves before the wedding. I don't know if it calmed me down a bit, probably not. However it's greatest effect is healing my dreadful eczema and psorasis in my thighs and legs. I somehow went 3 full days not feeling itchy or scratching my legs. It's very scaly, oozes yellow pus, and burns. I wrap it and wear mitts to not stratch, it gets worse at night. I been to 5 dermatologists, tried several prescription creams. There's a shot to the butt that works but makes me piss green fluid or there's CBD oil. Even it seems like a very powerful placebo, I buy it anyways. I respect other peoples opinions and I'm still skeptical, but as long as my legs don't itch and burn it's cool with me.

  10. According to current studies mostly done in Europe and Israel, positive effects are achieved at a dosage of 300 – 600 mg/day. It would cost a fortune to dose oneself at this level.

  11. If you're using this for anxiety, chances are you really don't have true anxiety that requires medication. So many people today claim anxiety when in reality they are just experiencing normal human emotions. Life isn't always smiles and happiness.

  12. Its a total scam and so many snake-oil salesmen are trying to cash in on the craze while they can. Quite honestly, the only CBD cheerleaders are all the potheads who want to legalize smoking weed.

  13. More n more clinical studies show that CBD specially when used without THC and Terps etc gets quite useless cause your body adapts to it after 6months. This is very common when using isolates. The only way to get constant medication effect is by using CBD And THC in equal doses. There is no way around.

  14. You really think something discovered in the 40s now suddenly cures cancer?no it doesn't. If big pharma / the government saw this as so ethi g that would reduce their profits they would have gotten rid of it a long time ago. Why it wont cure cancer…… cancer is a mutation of our own cells. Everyone on this planet have different DNA, hormones, blood, where the cancer is …. this list can go on. It will not cure cancer. Absolutely try it for pain ect. But do not think it will cure cancer because it wont.
    600000 people die every day from cancer and that is going up, the stories we hear that it did apparently cure is less than the same amount of people who go into spontaneous remission.
    Honestly it's a marketing scam offering people false hope. My mother died of cancer and I looked for everything and I mean everything……. I've known 7 people on it (just me ..1 person) they have all passed and it did nothing

  15. I never heard of it before my dog groomer mentioned it! so it is not as wide spread as you think. many people do get results from it and I will go by that instead of listening to you bad mouth it. Now, having said that, most of the companies are probably scamming people. so how do you know which brand to use? I am doing very much research to decide which one to use. mostly I want to talk to people who have gotten results. The FDA is already trying to put a lid on this product and how long will it be before they say you must have a prescip for it? Pharmaceutical companies want to get involved don't you know. If you don't show your face, I find that odd. also you did not use captions, another mistake. Please stop what you are saying until you use this product.

  16. I believe that cbd oil is further revealing a general disability for people to think critically. I believe it is a trojan horse fad, with the surprise therein – being that more people even non weed smokers are consuming directly and/or indirectly the new age gmo franken-weed. The point was never to make "weed/weed extracts" legal – its all been to drum up interest by way of controversy for regulated unnatural marijuana pushed by the govt. There arent enough people consuming gmo abomination products for the establishment. Just look at all the people proving the "benefits" with stupid ass smiles on the youtube. It is easy to bypass peoples defenses when presenting a one step feel good cure all. Prime example president obama – what he represented at the beginning versus what was the actual impact over the years. There are evidently no side effects. What substance exists like this. Through the tunnel of pleasure seeking and lack of self knowledge no matter what the "positive results", at the end lie pain, damage, and a shutdown of avenues given by the body to regulate hormones on into old age.

  17. I know 2 people who use it for joint pain and they think it's pretty great…so much that they've dropped the prescription pain meds. Going to try it myself soon so I'll make my own opinion.

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