Which Medicines Are Safe For Your Pets? (CBD Oil Review)

Which Medicines Are Safe For Your Pets? (CBD Oil Review)

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  1. Has anyone tried the Natural Native stuff? There are a lot of different brands but I guess that one has a code that can be scanned to see what's in it. Of course, that's kinda useless if you don't have another to compare it to…which is why I'm asking. Anyone?

  2. Thank you so much man I just ordered the 75mg one and the dog paw balm for my puppy Lila she has crazy separation anxiety when ever I leave her in her crate and head on out to get things done hopefully this helps her thank you for your great tips I’ve been watching all your videos months before I got my puppy!

  3. Or you could just toss your yellow sun leaves on the floor as you smoke it without the sticky thc Save that for your own oil.. My dogs clean the floor every day and it's their choice. My 2 shibas and siberian all do it. Just a basic body high that calms their nerves. THC can make your dog severely paranoid and afraid of everything including you so try to stay away from it unless they like it.

  4. Hey Sixty, my Siberian husky does have idiopathic epilepsy and she is getting seizure medicine for it, but is it possible to administer the seizure meds with the CBD oil? My girl hasn't taken the meds for long, almost a week and I don't want to over do it with her still getting use to the seizure meds. Please get back to me if you know anything, Please?

  5. No medicines are safe for anyone inc our fury little pets. Drugs are made to TREAT a problem and never to CURE a problem as big pharma would lose too much money if a customer didn't keep coming back for more of their poison. The only way to TREAT and CURE is NATURALLY with what mother nature provides.

  6. Your videos always make me smile and have helped me so much with my husky puppies Flash and Sky. They are ten weeks and they are doing well with their training that I learned from your videos. They can stay, come, focus, and sit. We are working on lay down.

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