When's the Best Time to Harvest Your Cannabis Plants? Ask Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Farms

When's the Best Time to Harvest Your Cannabis Plants? Ask Steve DeAngelo of Harborside Farms

According to Harborside Farms’ Steve DeAngelo, it’s all in the trichomes. He’ll show you what to look for regarding size, shape, density and color in your …


  1. Start watching your trichomes early on watch them develop they will really swell when getting ripe once you see this stage you can notice it without a mag loupe observation,notes and pictures are the best ways to learn. Things really start to happen right before it’s time an extra week can be huge difference in yield and quality outdoor tends to be little slower as well as small pots

  2. 20 yrs of never checking tricomes..cannabis is like a fruit,when is fruit best to pick.i let bud size form then red hairs then leave color.if your stems start to bend on their own,you may have gone to far,to each their own.

  3. Another good point of indication are the pistils aka the "hairs" on the bud. The pistils are comprised of the female reproductive organs stigma, style, and ovary. When they begin to die off and turn an orange or brown it's the plant showing its past the stage of fertilization and is nearing the end of its life cycle. To me this is a good sign that the plant is ready to come down, also while examining the triches.

  4. I find it HILARIOUS when non growers come on here and try to teach someone something about growing 😂😂 get the fuck outta here !! 😂😂😂 cause he read a book on growing he knows better 🤔 😂😂😂😂

  5. I really think you should have used more pictures indicating the different stages of development, you skipped the milky stage etc. etc. and those up close under the microscope pictures are very handy to know about. Having a loupe or 30x magnifier is a must when growing cannabis.

  6. Need more detail on color of the trichomes pictures would have been more helpfuljust overall not enough detail to explain for knowledge but on the other hand you did give an inside on what's going appreciate the time you took to explain

  7. Hey steve would love to hear your views on increasing trichomes before harvest with stem splitting. Please do a wee video on some techniques to help increase trichome production. Keep up the hardwork you do steve you trully are inspirational in this community. Peace from paul in scotland.

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