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  2. My friend is doing a study on individual differences and cannabis use. If anyone has the time to fill this out it would be a great help! Bellow is their information about it. Link at the bottom!!

    Hello! If anyone is able please take part in my study! I only have just over a week to get participants, will be a massive help.

    I'm undertaking my dissertation project this year! My project is about individual differences and cannabis use. The purpose of my project is to find out whether some personality traits will be related to or predict different cannabis use motives and patterns. It will also try and determine whether any of these relations will be predictors of any negative mental health outcomes.

    This project is important due to the lack of information we have regarding individual differences and cannabis use. If we find more about this grey area in psychology, we may be able to see if some individual differences are better predictors at some cannabis motives and patterns as well as if any negative mental health outcomes can be connected to those found predictors. This could be a starting point to see if we can predict some more vulnerable groups of people which could be much more affected by the use of cannabis than others.

    I’m looking for any cannabis users to take part in the study. This involves any users, whether it be weekly, daily or causal users. This also includes individuals who used to be cannabis users or only tried cannabis once. You have to be over 18 to take part.

    Any data collected will be 100% anonymous and done through an online questionnaire which can take up to 45 minutes (usually takes way less time). It will ask you question about your gender, personality, ethnicity, mental health well being and cannabis use experiences. If you interested in taking part, please click the link bellow for further information regarding the study.


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