1. Hi friends
    Please urgent help
    I have huge neuropathic pain
    I was on three spine rests
    In Scotland, after losing a dog to a car friend's car, I ended up isolated without help at a new address
    I have been hungry for a long time and without help
    My mobility is very weak
    This is my first absence after 6 years
    5 years I am disabled
    I had a bad diagnosis
    I have evidence
    I need to go back, but I can't do it without help
    Without cannabis, the pain is so severe that I think of suicide pernamentne
    In Slovakia I have family help but 0 tolerance to cannabis use
    Every year I grow medicine in Scotland
    I have a strong story and a lot of experience
    But my English is not good
    I need someone to talk about injustice to help bring my story of suffering and helplessness to others
    Thank you for helping me find a journalist journalist writer

  2. I'm looking at this now because a new rule has came out where I'm getting my morphine cut to more than half the normal prescription.. I can't stand morphine and really really hate the many side effects.. but it was my lifeline and when cannabis is illegal and the price of legal are just extortionate I don't know what to do or even if I could get it prescription for it?.. that's the worry for me.. I don't know what I'll do but I need to sort something or I'll be stuck in bed crying in pain.. fun times to come:-(

  3. Definitely exploiting patients tf, man just grab yourself a dealer who grows large amounts, see what strain's best for you, buy it keep it at home done xd like that u have weed when u need

  4. There is DESPERATE need for Cannabis in Care Homes #Dementia #Autism #Parkinsons #Epilepsy The EVIL of this Regime is plain to see! Police using Cannabis Warnings to Criminalize poor youth – police stealing weed in stop +search to demoralize +brutalize poor youth GROW your own +go for Jury Acquittal that's how Democracy works #UKLabour #ExtinctionRebellion WE WILL BREAK THE LAW +these Anticommunity Royal Servants police #cannabiscommunity

  5. The governments of the UK have been feckless and not fit for purpose since the 70's until the present day. Utterly useless and embroiled in their own interests and concerns, ie cash money and prestige.

  6. do you think you are exploiting people?

    No tHiS iS ThE OnLy WaY PaTiEnmTs cAn GeT aCcEsS TO LeGaL cAnnABiS


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