1. I never seen a flower study day by day taking chromatography test to know really the exact day when plant is on its peak of thc, I wonder why is no data about this. If they where statistics of these in several plants would be very useful. Some new studies tell is average on day 50 in hybrids but no much data. I consult google, youtube but nobody do this test day by day on last flowering stage.

  2. Currently running two unknown sativa dominant auto's outdoor. These hardly go amber at all so I just harvest when they are clearly showing they're in their fall. Which happens to be right now.

  3. According to Green House, lower thc with higher CBN makes for a better overall high. I haven't grown yet but watching a lot of info vids and reading. I think maybe some amber (25%) and 3/4 cloudy would give the best effects. Mostly cerebral with some stone mixed in is my preference.

  4. This helped alot, but I do have a question. Is there a way to make the plant produce more trichomes? I heard toward or during flower, people drive a small nail through the main stock and duct tape it. Since the trichomes act as a defense mechanism the plant will produce more since it thinks its under attack? Can you confirm?

  5. I used my mobile phone and zoomed all the way using the light, i can see the mushrooms shapes clearly not so much if they are milky or clear however i do pick up some yellow reflections from the phone light on the trichomes, could it be trichsomes being amber sending the yellowish reflections?

  6. I use a jewlers hood with additional magnification. I harvest when the Tris are all milky. Outdoors Autoflower Feminized. Plant in May harvest end of August white widow and critical end of September .

  7. comments all amber/cloudy… it depends on strain? nobody harvest clear? I have to harvest clear or it puts me in a coma 1 toke. BTW as I got more harvests under my belt I care less about examining the trichome. more about overall look of the plant and the smell.

    Often, indoor grows, I would rather just get the plant out of there and start a new plant flowering. rather than fuss over trichomes, or thinking my buds will put on weight

  8. Hello mr grow it I have a question regarding my plant it was a week old from seed growing nice just started to open the small leaf went to sleep woke up and I think a bug or pest cut through the stem braking my plant really sad anything I can do .

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