1. Mighty all the way. Storz and bickel point. Blank. PERIOD. all the way. I took ur word and tried out the MV1 a year ago, it wass GARBAGE. I only had a mighty at the time, i didnt use the mv1 more than 5 times it didnt burn the herb evenly without mixing it it tasted like burnt popcorn, such a nuisance, you dont have to do that with any storz and bickel product. Now i own a mighty, volcano hybrid & puffco peak. Storz and Bickel has earned my trust, its a bit more pricier but it'l last forever.

  2. You are helping so many people and have been for so long. Saving medical patients that have a low budget from wasting money on products that are not for them. Thank you for such a great channel.

  3. I bought their crafty device, and I’m having the biggest problems with connectivity. People are also complaining about it on blogs, and YouTube. Then one day later after ordering it from them, they come out with the new crafty plus. The gentlemen that was talking to me over the phone told me that I’m stuck with the old defected model. Then he also told me that all he can do is exchange it for the same old model, which is crafty. I should have received the new model, not the old crafty model that is defected. He gave me an attitude over the phone, trying to sound like a tough guy. I’m not happy with your company customer service at all.

  4. Hi. Love what your doing and these type of content really help learn about this new industry, Im also really interest in it but more on the medical side and I discover another device that should make any list. Brand new on the market this year and attacking the medical side with patient and clinical studies. I think its the smarter device on the market and it' call RYAH from Ryah Medtech group. This one not only is perfect vape experience but it' DOSE CONTROL so same experience every time, they let you know what is the best temperature to release different molecule and capture privately data so it learn more every time… They use capsule so no smell and no waste and safe for kids. They already produce report that are base on real fact ! I think its the future of vaporizing ! Learning and controlling :))) hope you have the chance to look at it also .. I recommend :))) Continue great work !

  5. am I the only one who is meh on the pax 3? I've never gotten good hits off it always use max temp and the draw is so slow I feel like i'm drowning lol. My first vaporizer. Used to wax and flower

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