1. The apricot one at the very end of this vid looks good, and am going to have to check it out. Hey Jack when you were talking to that guy, you mentioned that you often recommend an apricot custard and somehow missed it. I love custard juice and apricot sounds great together with it, so I'd like to try it

  2. That PB&J strawberry is AWFUL. It taste like burnt socks. No strawberry flavor, and the peanut butter flavor doesn't even taste like PB, it's like some old burnt taste. I tried it in my tank (falcon tank with m-triple mesh coils) and a recurve dual RDA (fresh build). Terrible stuff.

  3. My fav. Juices are from " Transistor e juice" especially "Baby Clouds " Flavor…. also "Th3Brac" flavors especially the "Saccharon" flavor! Both layered and incredibility good !! Good video too, now I got some others to check out.

  4. Hey, glad I stumbled upon this video! Always looking to try new liquids. Damn, that Halcyon is a flashback. I remember it was pretty popular when I first started vaping back in 2013.

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