1. ha, it is called "black market" weed if we buy from a dude, which is cool, and maybe, one day, we could call it, "green market" weed!!!
    hey jj, i saw in the live chat replay that someone said you look baked, hmmm, i beg to differ, cause you just look a little tired, cause when a person is "baked", they can hardly even speak correctly, so you are fine dude, and love the thumbnail of my spanish lady for the thumbnail, thanks!
    and so, all is well, and i am your age jj and i refuse to ever say "bro" or "bruh" as i have heard on numerous other creator channels or on the radio all the time, i will always say….."friend" or "dude"……
    almost legal in illinois here, dang, youtube posted a video, which was way too long in length, on the homeless situation seattle washington, and one comment said, "funny that the city is known for "the needle" which is that monument, but people are afraid to take their children to the parks in fear of stepping on a needle", wow, but then, they showed the homeless people and the piles of trash everywhere and one lady said she was visiting from out of state and the stench in the parking garage at the airport was sickening", wow, and the comment section tells all on how it got that way and i hope the politicians get off their asses and do something about it….so i left them a comment and i said, hey, teach the homeless how to clean up their act and get and keep a job……and i further said, a lot of homeless have mental problems and don't know how to keep a job……yikes……….and why am i leaving such a long comment? cause business is so slow right now, and after doing the furniture repair thing for since 1977, maybe it is time to do something different? yeah, like what? peace and pot jj…….!!!!!!

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