1. im driving from fl to cali in a few weeks and plan on making a few stops in different states to smoke some and go camping and shit. do i have to buy the battery for them pens or is that included.?
    i have never purchased a vape weed pen so idk. do i just buy it before heading out or what do you recommend.?
    what battery is the one they use.? @imblowd

  2. whats the best pen to use with these carts. i tried the one i had and im only getting a little bit out and it keeps blinking after a three second pull even though when i use the cbd cart it goes for like 10 seconds.

  3. Yo,what's shaking broth a just medicating I've been peeping your videos for a minute ever since you and Dank vape used to make some videos I pay attention to him too I'm finna start by the making my own videos on these cartridges but anyways I tried the trike cartridge King Louie and it's strictly garbage is strictly one nugs no comparison to a five and that's Timeless time this is 5 for me by far kind live resin organic garbage I like a fool distillate cartridge for the bang for your buck you feel me we can always get medicated Holla.. PS My Brother anytime you get a time to vape another cartridge go with pure Earth they don't really have too many strands but it's really really delicious it's a barrel and it's not vg it's a no PG the real deal.. just like time is but a little cheaper you know these cartridges ain't cheap put it in your pocket brother feel me holla peace One Love. Stay medicated

  4. LOl … take smaller hit dude. Your exhale has enough THC in it to get a car full of people high. Not to mention you'll get way more bang for your buck. Keep in mind that 30% of the THC you inhale is lost to the exhale. That is a proven fact.

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