The Invisible Hand of the Free Market (Discrimination vs. Religious Freedom discussion follow up)

The Invisible Hand of the Free Market (Discrimination vs. Religious Freedom discussion follow up)

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  1. Wait, wasn't Jim Crow state enforced and not business owner created? I learned that Jim Crow was state law that didn't allow businesses and public places to accommodate black people in the same way as white people instead of businesses wanting to discriminate. Obviously there were racist business owners who were cool with it, but it was the state and not the free market creating the discrimination

  2. I've really been enjoying these types of videos, especially since over the years my interest in FPS's has dwindled.

    You go over talking points in a really clear and concise manner. If you made a separate channel dedicated to this stuff I'd jump on it immediately.

  3. The free market might solve those problems for small business and end up having "mom and pop" stores closed because the general population don't like there actions.

    But… Enter multinational, large corporations. You don't even need to look more than a couple decades back to see proof of this. You had BP and the massive oil spill, big outrage than people forgot in a month or two. Nike in the 90s and the whole child labor thing.

    As soon as something doesn't get media attention, ie something else happens, the public start to forget. And a month later they might remember they were mad, but no idea why and might not even remember at who.

    For large corporations they can ride that out. Easily. But a single store, owned by a family, yea they'll likely go under.

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  5. You should do your next philosophical video on what it means to be human. Maybe use Battle Angel Alita as an example. As Nova said, "What would you have me do, make a clone of her (Lou)? That would be without sense or meaning. A clone would be genetically identical, but wouldn't have Lou's memories, her personality. She'd be a totally different person that just looks like Lou. How do you define 'human?' Physical characteristics? Genetic data? I wonder… If it is possible for a body or brain to be replaced by a machine then what makes a human human is the information in her personality and memories. Once that data has dissipated it's proper to define that as 'death.'"

    Nova seems to have a really good point. However, when you apply his idea to our world, it has some disturbing implications. According to Nova, old people in senior homes that have bad Alzheimer's or have just completely lost their minds, are dead. And it's unfortunate because it's somewhat accurate. You don't talk to them like a normal cognitive person. You talk to them almost like they're children. So are they human? One is extremely inclined to say, "Of course they are! Just look at them!" But if you believe what Nova said, the body and the brain don't matter and therefore can't be used to describe someone's humanity.

  6. Actually history has shown that companies do pollute and commit other atrocities and because their business is so vital to the majority of Americans that they do so without impunity and only the occasional minor fine that doesn't come close to hurting their bottom line. Recently, there was the oil company violating native American tribal lands to build their pipeline, the company resorted to hiring mercenaries to attack the peaceful water protectors in a Standing Rock, other than a very small (per captia) population of protestors the free market has proven to be a failure. Another example is Chic Fil A, which openly is anti LGBT and despite the many LGBT supporters that boycott the fast food chain, it has no effect on their bottom line because there are far more Christians and bigots that are happy the company is anti LGBT. So at the detriment of the society as a whole the free market and its blatant discrimination is failing. Chic Fil A gets around not hiring LGBT and minorities that don't agree with their ideals under the guise of those potential employees just not having the qualifications etc

  7. Lol, I’m a black guy from Detroit. I never really thought about the demographics of Driftor’s subscribers before. One thing I like to mention is my experience as a black man in Michigan. When I wake up to see my family, I don’t think about my race. I do when I watch TV, get on social media, or when I prepare to leave the house for the first time in the day. I do a little mental preparation in advance. I remember code switching and how to alter my attitude to put different groups at ease around me. I’m sure others do this as well. I believe in the free market. One major factor that changes things today when compared to the Jim Crow/Segregation days is, the impact of social media and “Clout”… I don’t care for this term. It brings attention to everything worth evaluating. If a shop in the Bible Belt refuses to serve the LGBT community, then they will be called out by the first person who cares enough. I’m the modern American… full of SJW influence, the impact will be felt relatively quick. The public at large, politicians, celebrities, and lawyers will follow the rest of it to term.

  8. jim crow is state based discrimination and thus irrelevant to the discussion. state based discrimination is one of your favorite things. for example affirmative action is state based discrimination.

  9. I knew you had studied economics some but I had no idea you also had a masters on Business as well. Thats badass. I wish you'd do more educational videos. These are great! I'm heading into my last quater in college. BA in Economics & BS in Applied Math.

  10. I really love these discussion videos Drift0r. I think you should consider moving towards becoming some sort of commentary/discussion channel. Or at least make it a bigger part of your brand.

  11. @Drift0r nice follow-up video, really love your thoughtful stuff like this.

    I think it's also worth mentioning a few things that link up to this issue. One is that letting the free market solve problems means leaving things up to a sort of alternative democracy…wherein money equals votes. As you touched on in your video, this tends to mean that those with money promptly "vote" (not always in a formal election) to change the rules so they will keep on having the most money. An electoral system wherein one person = one vote is meant to counteract this sort of thing by preventing people from (literally) banking votes and instead create a "marketplace of ideas" where you have to appeal to the majority of people instead of just having a small cabal of rich dudes playing kingmaker.

    The other thing is that either form of democracy can turn into a tyranny if it isn't bounded by minority rights. These sorts of civil rights laws are intended to ensure that even if a majority of people might wish to deprive a minority of their rights, it is not possible to do so. Not saying that any of these laws are perfect or necessary, but that's sort of where civil rights laws (both old and new) tend to come from: trying to ensure that votes held with ballots or dollars cannot be used to take human rights away.

  12. Free market shills never realize how much it betrays you….the free market will take care of mega corporations censoring your speech right? Mega corporations control politics in this country and any libertarian moron who actually believes the free market will take care of itself doesn't realize they're being replaced and you will be silenced if you don't comply with their politics. "We can create our own platform and our own Walmart! We can create our own workplace!" Good luck

  13. One flaw in this logic. The culture in the Jim Crow era is not the culture we live in today. The hand of the free market reflects only current societal values. That type of discrimination that was fine back then would not fly in our culture today.

  14. yes your right but your also wrong.
    in the eu it has gone the other way. everybody is helped except the white man.

    a muslim will sneak into the eu from Syria or soudi arabia and they will be given everything , from free housing to electric and gas paid for.
    the white male will not be given that. they will have to work and pay tax.

  15. As long as you are taking care of yourself. I understand how a stagnant lifestyle can effect you and. I want to thank you for sharing your process and pains with us. I know it’s different sharing that info with a group of intangible people but we do care man. Please continue to wrk out and I really hope your back gets better. Thank you for the informational vids. Thumbs up, as always

  16. There is not such thing as a free market.

    And a horrible work/starve hierarchy never leads to freedom. Work on my shitty terms i push on you or you end up with nothing…..90% of all the workers will end up like the cheap chinese santa sweatshop slaves. Workers and customers will alway's be the losers. Feudalism 2.0

    It's stupid and laughable.

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