1. That made me cry so hard…. poor lil one, she doesn’t even know what’s happening.

    I’ve lost the best friend I’ve ever had in my life… ten years ago. She’s been home alone and choked during a seizure…. at only 26. So watching a video like this makes me so sad… I hope there will be a cure for your lil sunshine ☀️

  2. My family says role her on her side so she dont choke on her spit or choo up her tung i hope she can recove i have felt the same way as her sins i was2 and i have short term memery loss because of it🦄i am on epivell

  3. My brother has refractory epilepsy since he was just 4 years old, there's no cure yet and in the country we live there's no even good medic attention, my parents and I always make his life more normal, like the other kids but if someday God offers me take away my life and cure my little brother I would say yes 'cause he is so full of life and he doesn't deserve that. Nobody deserves.
    Hope Aurora is okay, I'll pray for her.

  4. I feel like the seizures started shortly after y’all moved to that new house. It is an older house, have y’all had the paint checked for lead? I know this video is 8 months old but I couldn’t help thinking maybe this could be a cause? She is young than everyone else in the family and is in the house longer periods of time….

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