Teen With Marijuana Dependency Says, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sober’

Teen With Marijuana Dependency Says, ‘I Don’t Want To Be Sober’

A teen who says he smokes and vapes marijuana all day and has no plans to stop says “I don’t want to be sober,” when offered the opportunity to go to a …


  1. As a mom, this is ruining his future with incrimination. He can't get a normal job anymore and now he'll possibly seriously be stuck dealing on the street. You could of done better.

  2. Let’s be real here that boy ain’t gone be able to get out the drug game because if he get his stuff from serious ppl they gone either kill him or make him give them money then kill him

  3. Why do young black men have ego’s that get in their own damn way constantly? They’re always afraid to look stupid for their “friends” and have too much pride to actually wanna do better. I think part of that comes from black ppl telling other black ppl they’re trying to be white if they don’t speak like an ignorant fool. They’re called uncle toms if they have a career and go to school. They’re told they’re trying to be white and make white ppl happy bc they don’t wanna gang bang. We can find this all over the internet.. it’s no secret. It’s sad is what it is

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