Tarantula BREEDING FAIL (rookie mistake) Updates, Pet CBD!

Tarantula BREEDING FAIL (rookie mistake) Updates, Pet CBD!

In this video we briefly talk about my dog’s seizures and CBD, feed a few tarantulas that molted, rehouse an Aphonopelma, preserve a deceased MM and …


  1. this whole movement to give pets cbd products is really really bad in my opinion. we barely know how this affects humans so how on earth are there people who claim to know what it does to our dogs? there is medication for seizures such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide and tbh if you have a vet who hasnt recommended a schedule yet he doesnt know what he is talking about. go to another vet. and please dont give your dogs these oils and treats. there is no way of knowing what this actually does.

  2. I had a dog that was epileptic and I gave her 1 teaspoon of Benadryl every single day! Totally worked for her. Her seizures were few and far between after starting the Benadryl routine.

  3. My dog has a brain tumour unfortunately. He only had a 3 month life span. 6 month later and he still really active. You need to give high doses for seizures. High activity doesnt usually bring on seizures. Usually when in relaxed state. So bit weird. But good luck

  4. I've had two dogs with seizures. With the standard medication did not make any difference with my dogs. Eventually both dogs were lost from status epilepticus (a seizure that wouldn't stop even with medication). Personally, I would definitely try CBD. Fortunately my current service dog (I have a service dog that alerts me that I'm gonna have a seizure) doesn't have seizures.

  5. My Dog started having seizures. She was very old and they were getting so frequent and severe we ended up having to put her down because she was suffering. I hope your dog doesn't get to that point, it was very sad for our family.

  6. Thanks to you, I got my first tarantula today. The nice people over at petco sold me my first orange baboon tarantula. The girl said it’s a good beginner T because it’s easy to care for. I guess they are arboreal species. So I got a tall tank and limbs for her to climb on. I’ll keep you updated.

  7. Lol superworms can be so annoying. I personally never throw them in unless I've crushed the heads cause I hate that they burrow. Sorry the pairing didn't work out.

    And cbd is great. I've never given it to my dog (cause she's my family dog and I dont live with my parents anymore so i dont really control what she eats) but I've heard good things about people giving it to their pets. I personally vape cbd to help with my chronic pain and I've also noticed it helps me sleep more consistently too, so that's awesome. I personally like vaping cbd because it's way faster acting and more bioavailable, so since I vape it for pain relief it gives me faster results.

    Cbd is definitely pretty cool. I just wanna throw this out there for anyone curious about cbd, do your research and make sure you can find 3rd party lab test results before you buy anything. It's important to not only know you're getting what they say is in the product, but also that it's clean of residual solvents and heavy metals. It's just generally wise to make sure any cbd products have lab results available before you purchase the product. Also people should learn the difference between full spectrum and isolate (isolate will only ever be cbd, with anything full spectrum there's a chance there is .3% or lower thc, which although it's legal, could still make you fail a drug test, so know the difference and be aware of the risks of full spectrum if your employer might have you do a drug test).

  8. I have CBD oil for my panic disorder and they help me a lot, especially sleeping through a night without waking up in panic. I have a normal sleep schedule thanks to CBD.

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