1. Marijuana really should stop being viewed as “healthy” or cool. It is still a drug and can alter brain functions and increase risk of depression in people less than 25 years of age. Almost daily pure recreational marijuana use in teens is NOT cool.

    It does have health benefits for people who have been medically prescribed, for example for pain, cancer or obesity; but the teen epidemic where I’ve even seen my friends/peers lose out on so much because of weed is just sad and makes me feel helpless.

  2. Simply put, you can get addicted to anything. I don’t think it has anything to do with being “addicted”, more so that the withdrawals are similar to caffeine; you enjoy the feeling of it, but you can live without it, albeit a little grumpy for a while.
    Also going back to getting addicted to anything, watch my strange addictions people, people out here getting addicted to pool inflatables, but people wanna point fingers at weed simply because it’s illegal and has a stigma behind it.

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