1. Also i made a part 2 video where I correct my mistakes and discuss why i think there is a company selling smart carts but their lab testing isnt true and why i think this so go watch that

  2. smartcart itself is a fake brand, and so is the packaging and tank. the oil is whatever your plug wants to put in it, but i can confirm every smartcart does have atleast 70% thc in it which is more than enough to get faded, it is however diluted with liquid terpenes to make it more efficient and cost effective for the dealer

  3. 'Smart carts" are just a brand name for a "cartomizer" or "cartridge" that has been cloned to by 100 Chinese manufacturers. But you guys in the marijuana market don't know this because you are all too high to do any kind of useful research. We in the cigarette market have been dealing with vape since 2007. You all have a lot to learn but you are too high to learn much. I found a good Chinese supplier for smart carts and I use them to vape nicotine eliquid in them and they are great when you want a small stealthy vape that's actually satisfying (hard to get from a small cart). Stay off the pot for a month and do your research.

  4. I just remembered I screwed mine open and poured some Rove cart oil into it so now it's actually hitting but I'm pretty sure the smart cart I got was fake as well. I mean the fact that I was able to unscrew it and put something else in it made me suspicious lol

  5. i bubble tested my kosher kush one and the bubble stayed at the bottom.. the list of ones that passed the bubble test : Moci, birthday cake icecream, kosher kush, gushers, and the london pound cake. All tasted EXACTLY what they described, came in very nice box that folds open. All they say is very potent so im sure they are all above 80 because i get very high from them. They do hit quite soft tho.

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