1. So I busted my lip today and it happened bc of a chair made of wood also how bad would it have to be to need stitches also still have 20/20 vision but stay on screens for bout 3 to 4 hours a day

  2. Hi, I have done some research on appendicitis because I've been having weird symptoms… It showed that my symptoms matched chronic appendicitis but I don't want to go to the doctor's for no reason… What should I do?

  3. Doctor mike. i am a nursing student and my clinical instructor tells me that putting your steth on your neck like you are doing in this video can distribute bacteria and cause infections. I know you look more legit when you have it on your neck tho. just saying putting it in your neck is a no no.

  4. I don't know if I have ADHD :/ I have all the symptoms such as forgetfulness, short attention span, and mood swings. I kinda had these since I was 8 and still have them and now I'm 11 years old.

  5. I woke up just before the surgery once. Like they gave me the initial anesthesia to knock me out, and I distinctly remember waking up as they're wheeling me into the operating room. But I dont remember anything past that.

  6. Sorry, I'm "old school"…. I don't like tattoos, piercings or any freaky body modifications… In a professional world, no one will take you seriously and it will make you like like someone who grew up in a trailer ..

  7. Dr. Mike:Go outside have fun with your friends it's a beautiful world!
    Me: Stay inside and read what friends the world is at cruel place.
    Dr. Mike: No did you not hear what I just said!
    Me: I did it's just the doctor said I'm special.
    Dr. Mike: ummmmm…

  8. I disagree on circumcition being up to the parents to decide. You dont get to decide one an other persons body, no matter how closely related. It is up to the child themself when they are old enough to decide for themself.

  9. Curious to know if there’s a difference between a doctor and a surgeon. I know that they can both make diagnoses, but one can perform surgeries and the other can’t. Do one have more schooling than the other.

  10. Back in 80s my father got a major surgery to remove a tumor in his lungs, he's not a smoker but back then people are allowed to smoke indoor, in my father's case it's in his shared offices and there are like 15 others guy and all of them smoke except my father. Basically he got that tumor due to fact that he's a secondary smoker. So anyway, during the surgery my father woke up although he can't feel any pain but he's fully awake. The doctors didn't put any veil or covers, and when my father lifted his head he sees everything inside him. He got so scared and passed out. To this day he's still told us the story, sometimes with different twist when he told the story to his grandchildrens.

  11. Dear doctor Mike,
    I have had ongoing problems with what the doctors refer to as a slow colon. I often time have to sit in the bathroom for 6 to 9 hours a day to relieve my colon. Per time I use the restroom it takes around two hours. I have been seeing doctors since I was 6 years old and am going to be 19 on the 17 of February. When is it time to give up on life? It has caused work issues where I cant work as much as others and wont be able to make a stable wage to live off of. Please help?!!!

  12. Half way through the video,my screen time ran out,so I put my phone down and didn’t get to watch the video till the end,this is the next day and I got around 17 mins left,thx Mike,YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE!

    jk love u bro

  13. Yeah the glasses thing. How do people even think, glasses would make your vision worse? You just have shitty visuals without. And the only reason it looks SO shitty not wearing Glasses is, that you got used to, how the world is supposed to look.
    I remembered, when I got my first glasses. I was 21 and Jesus Christ. I took in on in the store, and was blown away how many pimples the guy had, that sold it to me. I couldn't notice before all that much. I realized I could read a Sign 2 Meters away, that was IMPOSSIBLE to read. Going out the store, it felt like upgrading from a PS1 to a PS4 or something. Everything so clear and Crisp and in 3D, like I never experienced it before. I was basically blown away and had to take it off every now and then for the first days, because it was just to much.
    Now I'm used to glasses. So seing trough them is the normal thing. Not having them on makes me see EXACTLY as shitty before, the only differnce is, that I now notice how shitty it is. Because I'm not used to the looking without them thing anymore.

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