1. I'm so sorry to hear about Stacey. But I'm glad that she's at home. My prayers and love is infinite. Get well soon. Good Thanksgiving gift from God that she's going to be ok. The recovery will be tough but she got this.

  2. Staci thats so nice wish i lived by u i feed 20 stray cats adam speak up hard to hear u so glad staci u are ok your animals and kids need u i live in mi i found a big bag cat food in dumster broke shovel it out had to no more cat food. Question if u atent to sore to answer what tbe best place to find animal food u are so cute staci god bless u guys god got u girl

  3. Good gracious girl!! God was watching over you and protecting you in His hands. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Bless your sweet heart hun. I hope you recover quickly and painlessly as possible. My prayers are with you and your precious family. Love and hugs from my end of Texas! 😍❤🙏

  4. Oh no I'm sorry Stacy I just saw this. Thank you Jesus that your fine God had his hand on you! I'm so sorry this happened to you brought tears to my eyes so glad your doing ok you take it easy .. ..prayers 🙏🙏 Adam keep us updated ok!!! take care of your precious wife !!! Love you all.💕😥💜💜💜

  5. Great haul good work Stacy and your dog is so beautiful and noble. When things like this happen it can give us such joy to see how much we are needed and loved, it is even worth the pain in the long ruin. When we are weak He is strong. Love and blessings and prayers for a quick recovery.

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