1. WARNING!!* I got an "xl rosin pot" in white from nugsmasher and it stained my rosin a white color on the bottom that was touching the silicone and it destroyed 5.5 grams of rosin and nugsmasher won't do anything about it.

  2. 1.) with the 11 different terp profiles you're creating a buffet of indica, sativa and hybrid profiles into one so the end result essentially will be a speedball of all those strains,yes?
    2.) Why use unrefined coconut oil vs MCT oil? Further you're not adding organic Sunflower Lecithin oil, Why not?
    3.) There must be a way to get a potency measurement? as this could potentially be 50-100 mg plus per drop.
    4.) We need to get a report from the boss on time of onset, and if he totally overdosed himself.

  3. I don’t have access to the bags you are using, what else can I use to do this process with plant matter that I have left over from BHO.
    And can I use the BHO plant matter to do this process?

  4. Instead buy food grade high proof alcohol. Everclear or such. Freeze it. Freeze the rosin pucks. Quick wash it. Or long soak but then you risk chlorophyll in the extract. Cold purge in thin film for like a week. After a base quick bulk purge with a double boiler filled with boiling water.

    Probably prevent wasting a bunch of coconut oil. And would yield better. Take that once most of the alcohol is gone. Could Decarb if you want during the purge. Add extract to coconut oil decarbed or Decarb once combined. I prefer to Decarb first. Actually only done it that way. But less waste of oil and you can always try the oil via a dab first for potency testing at home.

    Food grade ethanol is used in many vape products anyways. It's fine for consumption in edibles in low dosages anyways. Could dewax if you wanted via winterizing. So if the end product is an edible anyways why not be more efficient with it. Pretty sure the alcohol would do those 11 bags in like 5 10 minutes total not per bag.

  5. Give those pucks a quick rinse with some isopropyl and let it off gas. The honey you're left with can then be combined with any measure of coconut oil without losing any..

  6. Holy shit! No concern on his face. "Is this gonna get me high?" That guy's going to transcend through multiple dimensional universes! Or wish he would just hurry up and die. Lol that was nuts!

  7. You guys should make/sell some "press tongs" so when we do this at home we can squeeze more oil out of the puck without the concave of the tongs working against us!

  8. LOL i know where this is going. ive seen it before. the hot shot big serious dude takes a hardcore shot and then looks like nothing fazes them then minutes later he is seen throwing up in the bathroom toilet LOL

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