1. OK doc let me help you out there’s 1,000,001 ways to reach the moon fastest way is directly there so instead of using all this nonsense about carcinogens that cause cancer do it a simple way use 180 proof grain alcohol then you don’t have to worry about it because alcohol can be consumed and ingested with out any harm to the body unless it’s done in excess then you’ll get a good clean product.
    Secondly, there was something that you said kind of heavy “there are too many different types of cancer to be able to pinpoint that Rick Simpson oil will cure cancer”
    Instead of trying to figure out excuses for putting it down or stating that what is used to create it causes cancer then why don’t you try and find a solution to the problem instead of making a bigger problem.
    you have plenty people that have cancer (humans) and plenty of weed so my suggestion to you and other doctors like you instead of sitting here talking about what it might not do or what it might do why don’t you prove that it does in fact kill various types of cancer? You’re a doctor is not the reason why you went to school to try and find cures for diseases that kill human beings? It’s funny that throughout the years the pharmaceutical companies that create all these chemicals to ingest to cure cancer have never given anybody the cure with anybody with common sense knows that they already have the cure for cancer but don’t want to give it to anybody because they won’t make any money from it unless they do the same thing they did with the aids vaccination and only give it to the filthy rich.
    You got time! There’s hundreds of thousands of cancer diagnosis given daily , you have weed, you have voluntary patients that I guarantee you would die but the opportunity to try to find A cure for a disease that’s killing them what do they have to lose nothing!
    The last thing I’m going to ever do God for bid I ever get cancer is go through chemo and take a bunch of medication that was created in a laboratory that’s gonna make me even sicker and suffer more than what I already am with cancer I’d rather indulge in THC and CBD whether it works for me or not at least I won’t be concentrating on being in agony

  2. Rick Simpson oil isn’t sold. Rick explains he wanted to find a way to show housewives/mothers how they could use household items to make their own medicine & that’s what he has done. No need to buy it.
    It can be made (extracted) by using various alcohols (evaporated) and possibly now even coconut oil. Rick himself has stated he now knows ways to do it without alcohol.
    Personally I’ve used 99% isopropyl alcohol & simmered it all away.
    “There’s many, many different ways” – Rick Simpson.
    “I don’t sell the oil, I use to give it away” – Rick Simpson.
    “I want people to know how to heal themselves” – Rick Simpson.
    “I’ve used Ether, I used Naphtha and I’ve used isopropyl alcohol, I’ve never used Acetone but I’ve told Acetone would actually work very well too” – Rick Simpson
    Alcohol solvents evaporate 100% if instructions followed correctly, with none remaining when done properly.
    Do not consume the oil if the alcohol hasn’t evaporated properly. Follow the correct instructions. Simple logic.
    “One medication will treat every single type of cancer out there, logically it just doesn’t make any sense” – Dr. Rachna Patel.
    Cannabis comes in a multitude of different strains and a multitude of different properties and combinations of these properties, therefore it is important to find the correct one for your use. Rick Simpson also explains this and that the packaging of cannabis seeds, sellers and producers of seeds & flower explain the strengths and properties on their packaging so you can have the ones you require for your purposes.
    No disrespect intended to anyone, caution is always recommended when trying something as medicinal but this planet provides all that the human needs to be fit, well, happy & healthy, the issue in this video seems to be in relation to alcohol specifically Naphtha which Rick doesn’t put as the main product to use.
    So don’t use it.
    I recently had surgery to remove a tumour from my small intestines but it has spread to my liver as it supposedly does, so chemo is being offered once I’ve recovered from surgery. I’m also growing my own plants even though it’s illegal in my country, I believe it is my choice to do so and produce my own oils for my personal & private treatment along with chemo etc.
    I also plan on diet change with an increase in juicing, steaming & exercise but it’s also important to have a positive statement of mind. Think cured, believe it to be and you create a basis for good recovery.
    Don’t buy into just the Sativa & CBD hype, it’s important to include the Indica THC as the human/body mends itself during periods of deep sleep, aided by the THC.

  3. It's made with alchohol which vapes off, how much is shoppers drug mart paying you? Hes oil cures all types of cancer, and why is medical useing CBD after rick discovered the cure? Must be working if the medical departments are useing the similar style as rick.

  4. Ok big pharma stop people are tired of all your lies,lab test what the natural God given plant,haha lol 😂 if you don’t want to cure cancer then just tell the world,cannabis is the cure people,don’t let big pharmaceutical guys take your money (it’s a money scheme wake up 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼GOD BLESS

  5. How many times are we going to realise the healing power of Cannabis vs pharma drugs? I’ve read so many stories of people curing their cancers and other health issues from cannabis oil, but yet, ‘charities’ like Cancer research, continue to parrot the official answer that “there’s no peer reviewed scientific evidence?” Yes, there is independent scientific evidence, but big pharma conducts your ‘peer reviewed research’…conflict of interest.

  6. Dear Dr. Patel,
    In 2019, if you are still looking for “cold hard facts” whether RSO cures cancer, I have to question your genuine desire to find this type of information.  Is it really that difficult for an MD to reach out to her colleagues and, with the proper consent paperwork, be connected with patients who would be willing to attest to their healing by giving you access to their PET scans, MRI’s, and any other medically
    accepted form of evidence?  What about using the internet to find these patients?  It has been almost 20 yrs since people started curing their cancer with correctly made RSO, many of which have made their successful stories public.  I imagine the sheer number of these
    individuals around the world should make it not that hard to find just a few that would be willing to provide you with the “cold hard facts” you insinuate do not exist.  Of course, if you are waiting for all these cases to be corroborated by the pharma-captive government health agencies who have made cancer the lucrative business it has been for decades, well, you are wasting your time.  Do not be like others in your line of work who are protecting a business and a career waiting for this type of evidence to be uploaded onto accepted medical journals so then and only then they recognize it as scientific fact.  Instead, get out of the comfort of your operating zone and look for the information.  It has been available for almost two decades now, you just have to do a bit of legwork to find it.  As a person of science, if you truly care about saving people’s lives, it should not take much effort from you to find the motivation, apply yourself, and do a little
    Better yet, in the interest of providing a more accurate and fair picture to all viewers of this video regarding Rick Simpson’s methods and
    results, why don’t you have the professional courtesy of contacting Mr. Simpson himself and provide him with the opportunity to present the facts in an interview with you?  Hopefully, you would be more receptive than the Canadian court system was during his trial and
    accept the evidence that was compiled at the time from doctors and patients that prove his case.  As a self-proclaimed world recognized MMJ expert with an MD degree and a YouTube channel, I don’t know how Mr. Simpson would turn you down for an interview if you simply do the responsible thing and ask him.  You are going as far as discrediting this man’s legacy to the world and, as many others whose wallet
    would be negatively impacted by his results, you choose to do it behind his back.  If you are so confident of your knowledge of medical marijuana, you should have no reservations debating this individual anywhere, particularly in your own YT channel.
    By some of your statements in the video, it seems to me that your knowledge of this man’s story is weak at best and it is inconceivable that you have not done your due diligence before spreading misinformation to your patients and other viewers.  If you know anything about the story of Mr. Simpson, one of the most important facts is that he gave the oil away for free and was never looking for financial
    gains.  And he proved this in a court of law.  He has turned down millions over the years and has never sold out to the financial interests of the big corporations or greedy individuals.  And, yes, he has books that he sells about his story in order to make a living, but he never gained any income from the oil itself, which he gave to thousands of people for free and is a far cry from the accusation of “padding his wallet” that you make.  You, on the other hand, are charging people $147 for an ounce of CBD product that cannot begin to compare to the medicinal qualities of correctly made RSO.  It is simply appalling that you accuse Mr. Simpson of “padding his wallet” for a medicine he never charged a single cent for while you are the one claiming to be a “world recognized expert on the field” and charging God knows how much for your services.  From this video and your website in general, you seem to be no different than most of your colleagues in the MMJ field, profiteering from an unjustly regulated industry and CBD craze. You state that some of the solvents he recommends are listed as carcinogenic in the NJ Dept. of Public Health, and yet
    there is no official record of anybody dying from the use of cannabis, much less correctly made RSO.  Contrary to you, Mr. Simpson has never had a career nor a business to protect when it came to help others regain their health, so questioning his methods and results behind his back is unprofessional and makes you look weak and afraid (especially when you have hemp derived products to sell).  So, do the right thing, reach out to him, and ask him for an interview.  Maybe, if he is not sufficiently busy conducting conferences, speeches, and public appearances around the world alongside
    world renowned scientists like Dr. Lumir Hanous, Dr. Robert Melamede, and Dr. Paul
    Hornby, among others, he may find time for an MD with your values.

  7. PET SCANS? They shoot you up with radioactive nuclear substance mixed with sugar!! AND the results can be indicative of cancer when it is NOT CANCER. I have not heard of anyone getting cancer from RSO and most people use alcohol to boil it down. Np alcohol left in the end result.

  8. Hi ,

    I understand on a doctors medical view I understand that it could be Saudi not enough evidence , but on a general public view it is becoming more apparent of real life stories people are becoming cured through the use of rso , THC and cbd .

    Real life people that have been given end of life are turning to this product , and are curing the cancer ,

    Which in turn is spreading the word .
    Maybe if the medical side took the time to test efficiently on these products it could help people rather than go through some very gruelling treatment which costs thousands and thousands.

    So I do think as much as you say rick Simpson is lining his pockets the Same can be said or the pharmaceutical companies.

    In all honesty as well he has willingly gave his recipe out there to the world , in fact to not benefit his own pockets !

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