1. WEt or dry trimming is not a which one is outright best question it's way more complex than that. Did you feed nuts up to the last week? What's the shape of training you used, are the buds dense and fat or long and airy? Sometimes one has to wet trim because that is the only way to do that strain/harvest or mold will get to it all.

  2. Of course, all these machines will reduce labor costs. After doing a lot of research on trimmers, it seems like the main drawbacks are damage to the trichomes and difficulty in cleaning the resins left behind. Needless to say, reducing/damaging, and resultant loss of trichomes will result in a less effective product for your customer. In the reviews, not many address this issue of loss and reduction of quality of the product. And, by the way I don't own a hand trimming business. I just want the truth.

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