1. CONGRATULATIONS! YOU DID IT! YOU REALLY DID IT! You made it halfway through the work week. Get ya bread and all the crumbs as well 🙂

    https://truthofaddictionowo.gr8.com It is not enough to just AVOID weed/marijuana for a while. A change needs to happen in the way that you think and feel, as well as deconstructing associations you have created around weed and how you see it fit in your life, otherwise you can expect years of relapsing. Here lies the Truth Of Addiction FREE video and proven guide to finally live a better and healthier life. Eliminate your addiction problems and any issues you have with relapsing once and for all.

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  2. Ive been smoking for about 10 years basically everyday. Im in the point of my life where im realizing that bud is really affecting my future. I have a college degree and i try being successful and i always felt bud had no effect in my success…. I feel so dependent on it , and feel so bored not smoking… Extremely anxious and cant even sleep….. Its barely 3 days and it feels so upsetting lol. I wanna stop for myself and i wanna try being a better person for myself and truly find myself. ….. I hate having to get fake piss to pass drug tests . and being paranoid about everything….. Cant even remeber how life was being sober…. Seeing videos like this makes me really think and evaluate life and shit. …. I guess i needa meditate or something workout more or something idk i love weed but god damn its the fucking devil straight up….

  3. cannabis for the last 2 years has smoked like shit to me. the prices are higher than ever and the quality s lower than ever. Gonna try to quit after daily smoking for 10 years wish me luck

  4. I was smokin weed everyday but last night was such a bad night I haven't smoked and felt so sick like throwing up and stuff had to go to the hospital but today my second day goin cold turkey goin strong I have no appetite cause I haven't smoked

  5. Iv been smoking weed for around 25yrs,iv been clean for 7 days now.my head feels like it's in a washing machine,I have bad insomnia and loss of appetite etc..
    I have a 4yr old at home so im doing this for him as much as myself.im keeping myself busy and just taking each day as it comes.i have thrown away all my grinders and pipes everything that I have used for many years.this video has really inspired me to never go back to smoking.i have even bought myself weights and I'm going out daily for a ride on my bicycle,listening to soothing music and just being out in nature is really helping me mentally to stay focused.Anyone in the same situation as myself stay strong and focus on a better life for you and your family,peace and love.

  6. that was awsome.. after ten years I am thinking about quiting and came across this video. First of many videos that actually felt motivating and than he mentionned flat earth. Loved it! thank for the share

  7. I smoke since 2005 but I'm done, I can't take it anymore. And the one time I succeeded for a while was by going cold turkey. Not easy,but still the best option! Thx for sharing :))

  8. Interesting topic (subscribed)
    Damn, u make me worry man :(. i had my first joint in 1977 never stopped since then. Just to be clear, i dont see mj or hash as (dangerous) drugs, i don't feel guilty, but one thing im shure of, lots of money literally burnt 🙁 so you're right, better stay away kids. same goes to smoking in general.

  9. Worst thing for me=nausea+can’t eat nothing. Am hungry with nausea but, food smells and taste horrible, I can’t swallow food. Am so stressed I try smoking back again after this symptoms and for some reason I am high and still not hungry. I hope this pass soon.

  10. Just stop cold turkey. I do just that periodically for months at a time in order to reset my tolerance level. As it make its way out of your system, you're going to be astonished at how startling vivid your dreams will become.

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