1. I have to question the need to keep psychedelics ONLY within the medical and research fields. When someone turns 18 oin the UK here, they can begin drinking and consume as much as their wallets can buy them, perfectly legally. Same with smoking. Surely these same people should be allowed the freedom to buy alternatives like psychedelics and be allowed to explore their own consciousness without risk of prosecution or the need to pay through the nose to have it supervised by a counsellor etc. It should, in the allegedly free western world, be a fundamental human right for adults to choose how they wish to "inebriate" themselves. Just so long as they are not going out and harming others to either fund it or as a result of it. Sure, someone is always gonna have a bad reaction to something. But does that mean I should risk arrest for handing out chocolate covered peanuts to people who maybe allergic to them?? To me, it is insulting to the general population of the world (whether they realise it or not) to have their freedoms so restricted and be fed the propaganda that the average person out there is incapable of deciding for themself, what they can and cannot put in their own body. All that said, I do agree that the medical and research fields should have free access to such drugs, but I cannot agree with them being the only ones who can dictate who and who doesn't get to use them. Especially when they have a MUCH greater safety profile than paracetamol / tylenol. Let alone the safety profiles of alcohol or tobacco.

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