Podcast (audio only): Pollution from pot plants, and how our bodies perceive processed foods

Podcast (audio only): Pollution from pot plants, and how our bodies perceive processed foods

On this week’s show: Studying pollution from cannabis farms in the United States is difficult because of federal restrictions, and how processed foods complicate …


  1. Violence doesn't define us as human but cooperation did. Think for a minute… how can 1 violence primate survive a sabertooth tiger? no way… his lineage will end very quickly, evolution at work… but when a group of cooperating human cooperate, they can do anything.

  2. Mind boggling there was no mention of the need to reduce NOx in the air, not even as a side note. Should have been at least mentioned, even if VOCs currently have the largest impact on ozone, NOx is the dirtiest

  3. I implore scientists to repeat the same study or have a much larger one in Oregon. Many of the farms would love the opportunity to work with scientists to know more about their product. There are many Oregon farms that work with universities already for different school and student led programs.

  4. Is incredibly difficult to resist to eat too many super sweet cakes and other foods high in fats and sugar. If I had more options around it would bea easier to eat better but healthy food is the less available unless done by yourself in a world where you have to work 8 hours a day

  5. Food addiction [gastro-neural feedback] is a science that your favorite fast/snack food company has LONG MASTERED. Its not an accident that over 60% of American adults are overweight/obese. Perhaps, a warning label should be placed on processed foods to inform consumers about addictive potential of carb-fat combos

  6. Ridiculous to be advocating for regulatory changes before the study, well-intentioned nonsense. Wait colorado is concerned about terpenes? Have they run an environmental impact assessment on all of their conifers? Oh, I see but nitrogen oxide, ozone… Let's not talk about what is causing that, and also directly causing ozone emissions- and carbon particulate matter which is killing 200,000+ Americans per year.

    You'd think because people have been growing cannabis for a long time, there would be some sort of indication that there is an issue with exposure to these emissions.

    Working in a coffee shop exposes you to volatile organic compounds which can persist on clothing and materials too- and it has a beneficial effect on health. Why the bias to assume it is negative- and there is a bias or you wouldn't be advocating for measures to control it before there even any studies done it.

    Yea because we choose to use dirty energy we should impede on the progression of other industries over speculation. The processed food segment was interesting so not giving this a thumbs down, but not giving it a thumbs up either.

  7. Outdoor pot farms waste a lot of water, and the runoff makes it way into waterways. There are a bunch shady farmers that use pesticide and rat poison for bugs and pests respectively.

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