1. I’ll stick with my blunts. Been smoking em since 98. First blunt was a Philly Blunt. 50 cents. Crack it dump the guts and roll it. Love me some Phillies. Then they came out with strawberry I lost my mind haha. Then moved on to Dutch master. Green leaf was my jawn. Smoked games too and white owls. They were cool bc they came with the case and you can stash roaches in there. Then around 2010 I use to buy 50 count boxes of entourages. They were awesome. Love them. But now I just get a pack of zig zag blunt raps. They do the job. Especially bc I mostly smoke them by myself and they are perfect. When I was young and smoking with my friends everyday it was who could roll the biggest and best blunt. We use to stuff Phillies too. Ahh man used to love stuffing a blunt. But now I’ll roll like .3 in the blunt. It’s perfect. And an eight lasts a few days compared to back then an 1/8 would last 4 hours lol

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