1. To put the blame to his narcissistic, crazy behavior on cannabis is so lazy. You dont wanna dig for the actual cure so you pin it on cannabis. That's insane. Everyone educated understands cannabis doesnt cause this. He has mental issues that need to be addressed. Do your job & get him help to be diagnosed with what's the ACTUAL problem. The weed is probably the only thing keeping him from killing somebody.

  2. Put him on anti-everything! Poor dude probably has other mental issues that has not been diagnosed. Weed withdrawal does not cause you to rage like a Tasmanian Devil, however there are some who may act like man-child…maybe. 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Definitely a mental health issue, as I am going through a similar time. I'm almost constantly irritated, and the weed just tapers it down to a level where I deal with the problem calmly. I hate being a slave to a substance which is why im trying to quit it now.

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