Nutrient feeding for the cannabis garden (Fox Farm Nutrients)

Nutrient feeding for the cannabis garden (Fox Farm Nutrients)

Hey what’s up everyone take a look at how I mix my nutrients to feed my cannabis plants. Take a look at my steps that I take. Hope you all enjoy this video, if you …


  1. I mix mine and bubble with a airstone and air pump for 24 to 48 hours ahead of time, that way the ph raises naturally so you need less ph up-and giving the girls less non-nutrient ppms, plus the water is aerated . Since I use fabric pots my girl's roots are thourougly aerated. I give plain water between feedings that I aerate as well for the same amount of time and follow the flush schedule as Foxfarm says. Directly after flushing, I then innoculate with some great white mixed in the water, sometimes I use Roots Organics Oreganism instead of great white. The innoculants are very effective at keeping the roots in healthy condition to uptake nutrients. I've gotten better yields when I follow this routine.

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