1. Hi. Do I need to decarb as I go? Or can I decarb, then store for a month before infusing? I have 2oz of CBD flower- can I decarb it all in the same day but not infuse it all that day?

  2. Hi, question, my Decarb herb did not sink to the bottom of my glass after the time in the nova. Does this matter or should I do another cycle? Thank you

  3. Only way for us to know how many MG of cbd we got from the hemp when we did out oil extraction are to get then test by a lap. Or is there a conversion formula for that. A x amount of herb to x amount of oil

  4. Wonderful demonstration. I notice that you always mention the THC values per gram for the flowers that you use (Velvet Purp is absolutely stunning by the way). What would be the best way for the in home consumers to get THC values for flowers purchased from external vendors?

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