1. Do ppl realy think our government gives af about human health or children getting hands on substances? No, this is all about taxing eLiquids and the government bot getting enouph money from taxes off vape. Thy will atop the ban but tripple the tax on e juice. Idgaf i make my own eJuice

  2. Btw, Ron (on behalf of Mr. E-Liquid) spoke eloquently and got the point across very clearly. I think he did an incredible job. 👏🏼👏🏼 It must’ve been difficult leaving emotion out of it — meaning refraining from telling off those selfish liars who act like their motivating factor behind this is the safety of kids. That couldn’t be further from the truth, as they’re fine with kids consuming candy-flavored alcohol… and alcohol-infused candy.

  3. So, basically, the government is saying that kids getting hooked on flavored vape is bad but flavored alcohol is GOOD‼️🤦🏻‍♀️ Their logic doesn’t make sense. Here are just a handful of examples of flavored alcohol “marketed to kids”:
    – Hard Luck Candy: Red Fish
    – Svedka: Strawberry Lemonade
    – Pinnacle: Caramel Apple Vodka
    – Pinnacle: Red Liquorice Vodka
    – Absolut Mango
    – Smirnoff: Watermelon
    – UV: Sugar Crush Vodka (candy & ice cream)

    And I’m saving the best for last…
    – Twirl: Alcohol-Infused Cotton Candy. Yes, that’s cotton candy infused with alcohol. Cotton candy — the vape flavor Mitt Romney said was being marketed towards kids, also adding, “This is a kid product. We have to put the kids first.” Yet, Romney doesn’t care about kids consuming this. It’s all BS.

  4. It's pretty obvious that there is a scam going on when there are millions of consumers all around the world, but are only getting sick in North America and should ban these useless politicians if anything. Especially the criminals on the left and were the first to ban, as Frisco was 1st. Then NYC and the entire state of Washington, so if anybody has sold out its them 💩

  5. Man,why as Vapers who dont want to smoke ciggs.. What about our right to choose!?!?! If a kid can buy a pack of ciggs ,why cant an adult buy any flavor e-juice!?!?! Just dont make sence!!! Ciggs our days as I can see are being flavored more and more ,and do more harm then e-juice! Whats all this money paying courts about then to get more money and dont deal with more pressing matters???

  6. We were punished with a sin tax, supposedly to encourage us to quit smoking. Instead it turns Out that they never Wanted us to quit. They just want us to pay, to pay, smoking or not they Want our blood.

  7. "My number 1 concern is for the children". Great. Sounds sweet. Now tell us what examples you have of manufacturers and retailers you have that targets kids. Then we will tell you to fuck them up. Because the overwhelming majority of people in the industry share your thoughts. But to ban flavors you wont stop them from getting it. If your real worry was the kids….why not ban cigarettes, or alcohol, or pot? Even if all of it was illegal to sell to kids (which they are) they still get their hands on it. Yet alcohol and cigarettes kill more adults in a month than regulated vaping ever will in 50 years. This has got FUCK ALL to do with flavors and kids. And EVERYTHING to do with protecting a tobacco cash cow.

  8. “How we can make this right”. No freaking gov’t anything has made, makes, or ever will make, anything “right”, ever. “My concern is for our children”. Well, from where and who from do “our children’s” money come from? It’s a parents job to monitor, guide, and even control the actions of “our children”. You can pass a thousand laws to make the same thing illegal a thousand different ways, but if it’s not enforced, or it’s ignored, it makes zero difference. As a society we have stopped holding criminals accountable. Most especially, “our children”. It’s never, ever, their fault or responsibility. We blame everyone and everything else for their behavior. (Except for the lack of parental responsibility).

  9. Nobody knows about this, it was totally swiped under the rug. This whole talk was just swiped under the fucking rug.. god damnit I hate America. Attacking safe alternatives to cigarettes..

  10. So this is what gets me pissed. My son is 1 yr old and had alot of respiratory problems due to my wife and i smoking cigs now we have converted to vapeing we dont smoke cigs anymore and his problems are gone not to mention we feel 100 time better. My point is if it was about kids the government can do restrictions on buying eliquid or something else but takin it away is jus dumb especially for parents and definetly for parents that work to support there family and need an easier way out of cigerettes. And also theyre takin a taxable item they make billions a year on and banning it. Wtf so theull take money out there pocket to screw people like me . you cant fix stupid i guess. Not to mention all the jobs theyll take away by banning it eliquid or flavors

  11. Chugging away on grape soda flavoured e-juice whilst watching this, and badaboom I'm 40.
    They need to stop this lying now and just accept times moving on big tobacco are
    Now manipulating the system to suit themselves.

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