1. I'm 100 days sober from meth today. So glad I'm not doing it anymore. It truly is the devil's drug, so sumptuous, so decadent, so evil, so sublime, so disgusting. I love it. I miss it. I hate it. Please don't ever do meth.

  2. They just want you to pay for the pill version from the Gov and like suboxone or anything that's suppose to help you they will cut u off over nothing so you get readdicted and you can get treat ment in 6 months its a game and the gov wants to be the only player

  3. I could probably work with drug addicts for a inhumane cause. The efficiency of civilization. If you put your humanity into it, you're vulnerable to betrayal. To me it's a statistic and I move on. For the Empire!

  4. I just want to blame America for it's social environment, it's a cause for addiction and misery. But It's hard for the undrugged mind to compete with Meth. Just one day when you are desperately looking for a escape. it happens.

  5. im been sober since 2002. but watching him smoke. i could still taste feel it when he exhaled. SICK….fucking SICK, gave me chills. kinda wanted to taste a hit right then. scary

  6. This drug really ruins lives, families and communities. I’ve never touched the garbage but I can’t go to Walmart or a convenience store in my town without seeing someone high on the shit.

  7. Meth .. you have to control her don't let her take over you .. some people can control the drug .. use it while working .. don't overdo
    from 3 days..because your brain needs rest .. want to stop? death is a good way ..

  8. All I see is excuses o I fought in the war o it helps me with my problems and homeless say y'all need help to get off that shit hahaha yea right when we help to send y'all to rehab y'all out the next mouth and doing it again so how I see it a lot of excuses u choose to do it that little bit of pressure that one friend or so called friend to say come on do it it cool it give u a lot of energy try it can kill u and the ones around u and your kids think before u do it

  9. Thpse cops may really care about the people but when you take away someones freedom and their life for 15, 20 years…how can you feel ok with yourself for that…"we were worried you would ruin someones life or your life so we decided to ruin your life… Shouldnt the goal be to protect lives being ruined that would have been ruined…and not dehumanizing ppl should mean saving lives no matter what position of the dope gang they are on.

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