1. I think that's weed in general. Just smoke at elevated levels. That's what I do. I've gotten paranoid many times off weed. Dude, the day you start having heart palpitations and that nausea feeling, you'll think paranoia is the tip of the iceberg fr. I've had panic attacks while smoking.. now that sucks. 🤣

  2. Medical marijuana be havin all these flavors nowadays. Never have i smoked weed that tastes fruity. No weed should be artificial tasting. They be sprayin them shits or something to make the taste. Weed aint suppose to smell not like weed

  3. I agree thats it’s possible medical can be purposefully tainted but not everyone in the business is connected. Paranoid thoughts are actually good for you. It reveals yourself to yourself. Some people should not smoke because they are “full retard” from the factory lol. To much of anything is a bad thing and since your young and still spiritual growing, plus your tolerance is getting dense thats maybe why.

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