1. Hiii Dr. Patel my mom is suffering from thyroid and diabetes.. She is suffering from diabetes from the age of 12 and like fews months before she got thyroid and it's increasing i believe that Marijuana can cure or Cbd can help her out the best can you please tell me what to do??

  2. i remember during summer as much as weeks after having eaten weedcake i would sweat a lot more
    now.. this would indicate my body produces more heat, thus higher metabolism. which is already a thing as i got some grade of hyperthyroidism, i spoke to other people who had the same thing with increased sweating.
    also some people who report lower appetite and having less trouble not eating when smonking daily, hyperthyroidism usually makes you more hungry

  3. Winner of a video, I have been researching "tamponade" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Yannabarn Vanish Thyroid – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my mate got cool success with it.

  4. High. I use marijuana as Pain Management, a broke vertibrae. Anyways, due to my dumbfuck mother, Smoked Cancer sticks, all through pregnancy . I ended up with a hole, between a Chamber and a Ventricle , about the size of a dime, Also, a Non functioning Thyroid Gland .,, My Question is , ,
     Is there a Home Remedy for this. I'm Currently on Levothyroxine , since about 2 years of age

  5. Hello Dr. Rachna,

    My mother had her thyroid removed after doctor's found cancer. She's been good for 6 years. However, my mother suffers from severe inflammation in the ears and headaches, something doctors can help resolve. We are thinking of using weed to help these conditions my mom suffers. But she's scared to try weed because she has no thyroid and believes it might make things worst. What would your opinion be?

    Thank you

  6. Your conclusion is wrong. Just because all of the patients TSH levels were in the normal range does not mean that Marijuana does not affect TSH levels. The research actually said that marijuana helps the body to keep the TSH levels in normal range. So lets say if we have 1000 patients who smoke and 1000 who don´t the research said that of the 1000 that didnt smoke would have a higher percentage of high TSH levels than the 1000 who smoke.

  7. Hi. I have used cannabis oil to treat thyroid cancer. I will not have my results for another week. But I have no thyroid and have been using synthroid for the last 4 years. 2 months into the cannabis treatment I developed constant diahrrea, dizziness, heart racing and high blood pressure. I ended up in the hospital and they said my T4 count was 12 which is really high. Do you know why this happened? They had to lower my synthroid by a lot, from 175 to 137 over a period of a month. I also had extremely dry mouth. Did taking cannabis change my dose need for synthroid?

  8. Hi Dr. Patel, I started using CBD today and my ears started ringing immediately in the key of G#. This frequency is supposedly associated with the 5th chakra or throat area. I was quite surprised and curious about how it could be affecting my Thyroid because I've had weight problems for decades and am currently dieting.

  9. Hi I have hypothyroidism and my meds have not helped. I was doing some research on Google and I found a lot of people talking about how they use CBD and medical marijuana as an alternative towards medication and it actually helped their thyroid condition and it cured them in a way. I'm currently looking into this being an option for me. I was interestin any input you might have .

  10. My mom had cancer of thyroid so she had it removed she now takes pills for it. I wanted her to try cbd from marijuana but i dont know if it will bring back the cancer.. i heard somewhere it creates t cells? I think witch is bad ?

  11. this is very strange that so little studies have been done on thc/hormones. Weed does lower your testosterone it just need to be proven proper way. But nobody will give a shit untill we all become woman

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