1. Thanks Dan for all your work, I have learned so much watching all your videos and the Essential Candles course. I was unable to be at the computer for the first 5-10 minutes of trading and missed the CGC flush and figured I missed the trade. Then I saw the first 5 minute pullback and entered at 23.28 with my stop under the 23.13 candle. When CGC tested that 23.13 level and it held, I was then looking for the equilibrium break with volume. When it broke bull I doubled my position at 23.50 for an average of 23.39.

    Watching you so many times, I knew I wanted to sell half of my position at a level that would allow me to have a risk free position with the second half, so I put my sell order in at 24.02 and stuck to that game plan. That sell order filled and now the remainder of my position is sitting with a break even stop-loss just under the low of today. Like you always say, so much easier to maintain a position when you know the worst that will happen is that it will stop out at break even.

    Many, many thanks. You are a good person with vast amounts of knowledge!

  2. I fucked up my bounce play. Entered at 22.81 and put in a stop loss at 21.9 after the first weak bounce started… And after my stop loss triggered the real bounce started.

  3. Does the Chart Guys classes cover algorithms controlling price action etc.? I look at these contracts and times and sales and see these various amounts being traded. It's incredible.

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