1. Hey Dan, ecologist/biologist here, your plan to turn up and mulch the lawn is great, but one thing I would like to suggest is NOT to move or destroy current wood piles and old rotting logs, because these are important habitat for native animals, like reptiles, amphibians, and especially insects, such as native bees that would act as pollinators for you. You won't even need the hive you mentioned in another video if you have enough habitat and forest to support your native pollinators!

  2. Great video as always, good insights. I own BAT since… ever, can't remember, not so many but happy to know you vouch for them. I still can't understand so few people talk about NEO, it is finally starting to come back. When you mentioned in the intro, a group with growing community, loads of hard work I thought you were referring to NEO. They are sitting on quite enough cash to bring their vision to fruit also. NEO will be a top 5 crypto in 2020 and will remain there for the foreseeable future.I advice you multiply the little you have with Mr Edwin’s strategy, i was able to make 7bt with 1.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on email/hangout: castroedwin195@gmail via Whatsapp+1(845)400-7574/Telegram: castroedwin1 .Deposit for my new home is coming. Fly me to the moon. Yay!!

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