1. Dan, I have been watching you daily for nearly 2 years now. If you start tip-toeing on the fear of what other peoples positions are I will be forced to start looking elsewhere. Our bad decisions or holding bags is our own fault. You are not bragging, you are sharing your knowledge, experience and view. Nothing you say has to come true. You could be just as dead wrong as you are right (though in 2 years I've rarely seen you wrong). Keep presenting as you do my friend. This is the best channel out their and your commitment and passion is a true blessing to this channel and community.

    – summary: 94% of debt holder are going to covert their debt to shares earlier than Wenesday! Which is good news for the bounce.

    93.8% of Debenture Holders Have Elected to Voluntarily Convert

    EDMONTON, Nov. 19, 2019 /CNW/ – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (the "Company" or "Aurora") (NYSE │ TSX: ACB), the Canadian company defining the future of cannabis worldwide, announced today that the Company has received notice from holders of the Company's CAD $230 million 5% unsecured, convertible debentures due March 9, 2020 (the "Debentures"), representing approximately CAD $216 million principal amount, or approximately 94%, of the Debentures, voluntarily electing to convert their Debentures pursuant to the alternate settlement procedures as outlined in the indenture dated March 9, 2018, as supplemented by the first supplemental indenture dated November 14, 2019, between the Company and Computershare Trust Company of Canada

  3. dan, never change, we watch to learn, i trust your honesty. I know lots of people out there hurting now, but that wont teach us to become better. Just hearing you say , its fun, detatch from emotions, i know that this is the mindset you need to have to be very successful in this game. Shit, I bought c alls on CGC for jan back up in the mid 20s, im over it. All we can do is learn from our mistakes and actually learn to become good at this game.

  4. Hi Guys can anyone comment on the large block 3mil share ask position this afternoon on TGOD until the close ? Im curious to find out why that was.. Thanks

  5. Hey Dan, for the ACB convertible debt, wouldn’t Suisse want to have the share prices as high as possible when they get them so they can sell them right away at market? Or do you think their driving price down so they can actually long the stock for some time and see more significant gains?

  6. Love seeing your excitement/passion for the game busting out Dan ..and really enjoyed the added commentary over and about the chart analysis too👍. I am going for ACB tomorrow 😜

  7. They donot have to cover their shorts as once they convert their debentures they will use the cheaper stock to cover. With a 6% discount these guys have all the room in the world to keep shorting right into the day they convert. So if they can push it down to say $2.70 they will exercise at 2.53 which makes all previous shorts very profitable. The worst part is the dilution of 77,000,000 million shares.

  8. 8 million shares short on a day where 64 million shares were traded isn’t that much is it?
    I’m also wondering if the NJ vote is bearish news because there was talk of another push to legalize before the election next year

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