1. Do not give up on swing trading. As you know, you are swing trading in difficult environment, 1) downtrend, and 2) mmj stocks being held hostage by the market SPY. If you were swing trading in an uptrend and mmj not correlated to SPY, then the odds would be in your favor. I'm sure you know this. Perhaps with this difficult environment, day trading IS the way.

  2. A short time after the Altria deal, you mentioned that ACB was more bullish than the others because many people believed it'd be the next one to get a deal like that. Do you believe that sentiment remains today?

  3. Thanks… i know its not US or Canadian but i was looking for the "all time highs" clip today for Elixinol Global (ELLXF) oh well, just not sure how long it will be before we can say that. maybe Cresco labs (CRLBF), they got about 10% to go?

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