1. Great video. My wife and I went there once … in 2000..and loved it. Had coffee I the Twin towers. Loved Manhattan. Only downfall was that the weather was so bad we could not see the statue of liberty from the shore.

  2. Hey Guys! When I was stationed with the Air Force, wayyyyy back in 1972, at Westover AFB in Chicopee Falls Ma, I was blown away that for a mere Sunday outing one can drive through five or more states! In "MY" home state of Texas good luck! From Orange, Tx on the east to El Paso on the west is 858 miles [and you're STILL in Texas and STILL only half way to L.A.!] From Kerrick,Tx on the north to Brownsville,Tx on the southern border of Mexico is 885 miles. As much as I love my state you just have no idea what a happy camper I am once I arrive in New Mexico heading west! Lol! I'm not real keen on big cities, but, northern New York truly is beautiful and breathtaking. Thanks for taking all of us along!

    ( 8/29/2019. 4:39pmCST. Thursday. ~Jim in Houston, Texas~ )

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