1. Akka ellam okayy adhooda harmfulness aa neraya sollama vittutinga…neenga sonnadhu just rende rendu points mattum dhaan…sonnadhu enna sollirkinga na respiratory illness aprom bronchitis problems aa ithooda harmful points aah…innum neraya iruku Akka harmful points adhaiyum eduthu sollunga…coz rendu harmfulness dhaane irukunu sela peru itha pudhusa palaga arambichiduvanga edhuku 😒🤷‍♂️…innum sela harmfulness laam ithulaa iruku akka example enaku therinchadha solren…mentally adha consume panravangala change pannidum indha ganja,aprom lack of masculinity (aanmai kuraivu) pannidum ganja eduthukuravangala…

  2. Yeah it's true Sisy joint is less addition then nicotine and alcohol. Some stupid govt haters are illegalized it for there tax money. Mostly death cause by liquor only.i am also joint user than but limits ah handle pananum. Legalize it for world green. Peace

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