1. I've went through so many of the Kiehl's avocado eye creams, and I had NO idea that they had ALL the parabens in them omg… Definitely won't be using that anymore -_- but it's the only eye cream that doesn't give me those white milia bumps underneath my eyes..

  2. I’m getting married in June and I want to wear a pale blue nail polish. Do you have any recommendations?! You have the best nail polish recommendations!! You’re my fave!

  3. I know you said you're doing an easter lush haul soon, buttt i don't know if you've heard lush just released like 30 (or some crazy number like that) limited edition bath bombs for their 30th anniversary! They brought back a couple Christmas bath bombs too like So white and Yog Nog! Some of them look amazing so you should also check out that new launch if you haven't yet! I'm excited to get my order!

  4. I love your videos! I’m so looking forward to all the videos you’ve mentioned! Also Digize smells horrible but works so freaking well! It’s crazy, that’s the oil that made me a believer!

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